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My 2060th post. woop woop. in your face rob


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Guest LiquidSky
radi0ed aka thom's lover :wink3: haha

Im glad to hear ur ok :P more hw? aghhh! gotta hate that! i still have to finish mine.. :/ I just found my old teddy bear! im so happy! :cool:


You are happy because you found your old teddy bear? :o lmao! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


sorry that really made me laugh :embarrased:


But I'm glad you are happy and glad to hear Julia is okay too :)

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Guest LiquidSky

I don't live in the same house of when I was little...and plus....all my toys were thrown to the trash..... :dozey:

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try to reach 2100 and we'll have a party with Rob!


Oh, its always a party when rob's around :cool: ha

but yea, thanks ren! :)


im so proud of you thom :cool:


woo, thanks julia. :D :cool:




Meh, I got a stupid cold so I gotta go to bed now before i pass out. :/

But hey, Michelle, Ren, Jo, and all the other members (minus rob) have a goog sleep, I'll see you guys later.cheers!

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