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If there were more bitchiness on this board


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:blush: :lol:


Really? Wow. Where did you get the boat from? :D


Birkenhead I think?! (:snore:)


We drove from Liverpool down through a biiiiiiiiig tunnel... :o and it was sooo cool at night sailing away and seeing that big ... clock... place all lit up :)

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Birkenhead = scalliville :P


I was in Birkenhead on Saturday too :stunned: :P


That's the Mersey tunnel you went through and the clock is erm.....the erm...Liverpool clock ( :lol: )


Ahhhh yes .. the Mersey tunnel (vaugely remembers dad saying something along those lines :smug: )

And the Liverpool clock :idea2: How did I not think of that myself! :lol:


I got a new red hoodie in Matalan :cool:

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I'd leave, no doubt about it. Like others have said, I left the official board because of the bitchiness, I felt I couldnt say anything because my post count was about 50 or something and they would all call me a newbie and basically be as horrible as possible..because thats just what they were like. I dount this board would ever become that bitchy..because everyone here is so nice. There are always arguments and 'heated discussions' on messageboards..so I don;t mind them as much, but I would just hate it it this board got bitchy like the official one.

Anyway I can't see it happening so I have nothing to worry about.


*spreads love* :D

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^^^^ What are you laughing at 'MrsBerry' You're the cause of most fights!! :angry:


:huh: You´re so grumpy David.


Maybe I should leave here. I´ll let you know David and you can throw a party celebrating the lack of fights on this fucking board !

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