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perfect cds


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Perfect - absolutely flawless, start to finish, not one single, tiny, little flaw to be found anywhere. Those are pretty high standards. :D


The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

Radiohead - Ok Computer

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper is the only Beatles album that makes it for me. All the other ones are either tainted by a crappy Ringo song (Revolver especially is two minutes away from perfection) or are really inconsistent.

Sunny Day Real Estate - self-titled

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

the Flaming Lips - the Soft Bulletin

Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Sigur Ros's ( ) comes oh-so-close, but doesn't quite make it in my book. it gets an honorable mention. :P


and last but not least, it's not really an "album" per se, but Beethoven's 5th Symphony is 35 minutes of absolute perfection.

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