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Ian, Doogie, Simon, etc...


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Im sorry for your loss :/


2-1 to France, that was absolutely insane. Only Zinedine Zidane can play for 90 minutes without doing a damn thing and then turn around and score 2 wicked goals (Well, the penalty was calm and cool, very few stars could do that).


Try not to cry, too hard. Hopefully they realise that this was just one disastrous match and can be thankful such a tragedy didnt happen in the Final- they are still in the tournament and should most definately come 2nd. Beating France was not a "Should definately" sorta thing, and they still NEARLY did it, the boys dun good.


Good luck.

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Fuck' date=' fuck the French Cunts, fuck them all, goodnight![/quote']




I feel so left out as I'm the only one who's not English yet supports England :embarrased: I kept looking for my St George flag all night but I couldn't find it, wanted to hang it on the top of the telly :P

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Im not English, just supporting them in the world cup. :cool:


They can of course still make it through, but now its the situation that, if they fuck up again, goodnight indeed.


But Busy has the spirit!

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