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Football is the universal word for the game of Association football, in a few countries, most notably America and Australia, it is called soccer as to not confuse it with their own national hybrid sports of American Football and Aussie Rules Football.

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wow, now I'm confused.

When our teacher tell us he has played footy, he means like a very rustic way of Rugby and I thought Julia meant the same, but you say something different.


Footy doesn't mean rugby here. :confused: I think it just depends on what part of the world you're from because...everyone calls it different stuff! But we call soccer:soccer and we call rugby:rugby and we call AFL (Australian Football League): Footy/Football. So yeah, we just call things different. :P


This is Australian Football:










...i'm not very good at explaining things but I hope that helped. :/ :)

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That's what we call Footy here too....... actiolly that's what I meant by " a very rustic way of Rugby", thought It's not even that...... it looks like a hybrid between American Footbal and Rugby :confused: :lol:

ours it's just a very rustic (simple) Rugby... no rules, no stops. That's footy.... well at the beginning it was just kicking (that's why Footy) but then, it's what I said, to us at least. :cool: (I think though!)

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