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Where are you Coldplayers?

Angel at his table

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To Guy: Have you ever realize that you could be happier without that gold bag lady?

To each member: How do you think the end of Coldplay is going to be? (its really sarcastic, i know....)

To Guy: How many times you have thought: "Damn girls, stop talking about me!!"

To Guy: If you get fired from the band, what are you going to do? Would you like to live in Brazil...? :wink3:

To each member: When you are in tour, what do you do to not think about sex with your g/fs?

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to Martin: Are you going to think twice before going out to play and let Apple at home?

to Jonny: Are you from this world? You are so gentle that i can believe you are normal....

to Champion: What do we have to do to see you laughing?

to Guy: Is your brother pretty as you? Is he single?

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you want i ask them?

well ok

to chris: Do you like poetry? do you read the poem hay made to sweet apple?

to guy: do you noticied your fans look your package, is bigger as it seems?

to will: when do you laugh a bit you know you seems very sad if never laugh.

to jonny: why you have beard and shave it hadrly ever, there are any reason why you don't shave for a while?

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