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  1. Dude - wow, just wow. Really really good - so much diversity of sound and emotion. It just... spices up my day when I listen to it, I'm in love with this!
  2. Awesome. Thanks @I ran away for putting this together, and it was fun to chat with you and @yoyo2000 and @YeahWeDo_YeahWeDo. I have to go but I'll see you around :) Have an early merry Christmas for now :)
  3. Yes, I have time for one more song :D
  4. Looks awesome Completely forgot that 2000 miles is a Christmas song lol
  5. I think my favorite version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Coldplay :)
  6. I came back a few days ago, just didn't post, but found out about this party and decided to join :)
  7. Ready to feel all Christmas-y lol
  8. Sweet, I'm in! 1 minute remaining...
  9. Rainy Day reminds me of my childhood and asking my parents if I can go to my friend's house :P Low reminds me of when I used to travel a lot to work and just thinking about life... Just wanted to say that's very sweet :blush:
  10. I recently read a joke that goes like this: A group of girls were advised that they need to bite their lip to look more attractive. They followed the advice; the problem is that nobody told them they need to bite the lower one!
  11. Well, I don't really know how much work this takes but I just thought it was funny (just look at that snake's grin in the thumbnail!), had a really creative story line as well as animations, and just wacky overall. It's like the book of genesis on drugs :D Edit: Oh, and man is depicted as the devil which I find interesting lol
  12. Umm, it was like a glass wall, so I guess yes. It completely crashed down lmao. Have you ever worn pink socks?
  13. Hey man, hang in there. It might be hard, but don't worry too much about the fact that you're depressed - it only adds more stress and tires out your body more. Give yourself some time to process the emotions, and make sure you get enough sleep. Seeking help is a great start! While we're on the subject of depression, I'd like to recommend you guys to consider taking large doses of vitamin C every day. A little known fact is that vitamin C helps your body deal with stress and fatigue (depression). This is because depression is not really a mental issue - it's fundamentally a hormonal issue.
  14. Holy frick, THAT's the meaning of this song...
  15. So I got the chance to see the solar eclipse. It was AMAZING. Words cannot describe the glorious beauty. I've seen multitudes of pictures of it, but to actually see it for myself was... idk very different. In fact, as I looked at the sun with the naked eye during totality, no picture came to my mind that compares to what I saw. Leading up to totality, everyone noticed that there was something off about our surroundings. It's like someone placed a filter over the planet. The shadows also became different; here's a spatula and its shadow: 15 seconds before totality, the sky very quick
  16. Hi guys, I'm actually Guy Berryman and I've come here to save you all :) jk Oh crap, so you're female, mkay, good to know... What do you expect the solution to look like?
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