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  1. Haha guys, there's no need to say "this is gonna be like this or that", since we have a lot of time until the next album comes out and we don't know nothing about it but the mention of MOTS in the booklet. We have theories, yes, but they're just theories in the end. Also, imma laugh out loud when MOTS comes out and it ends up being poppy as AHFOD XD
  2. I hope we can find a way
  3. But if you want to call me, call this line
  4. That I'm so easy to please...
  5. Stand here beside me baby
  6. BTW, how's that project going? I almost forgot about it :P
  7. And I don't, and I don't, and I don't, and I don't
  8. I'm gonna give you my heart
  9. Here's an ode, oh, to deodorant
  10. Don't let it break your heart
  11. And if I was wrong, then I'm sorry
  12. There's an aura that surrounds me
  13. I see the stars begin to show
  14. We are just a few days away from being clowned again...
  15. Come back and singS to me.. XD
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