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  1. Spies vs Spies (Flavour Of The Label promo version - 1999)
  2. Harmless vs A Spell A Rebel Yell
  3. See You Soon vs Easy To Please
  4. Life in Technicolor ii vs Lovers In Japan
  5. Cemeteries of London vs Wedding Bells
  6. I still think that whole CEO statement thing is just a big misinterpretation of the first news post that actually had a hyperlink to an older Coldplay related post from 2019... now everyone thinks the Warner CEO explicitly mentioned the band's name to refer to big acts coming back on Q4 and 2021... But I hope I'm wrong tho...
  7. Guys, since I'm not from the US, I guess the only way to catch the livestream is to use a VPN. Is there any VPN service that you recommend? Thanks!
  8. I read somewhere that this was possibly outside The Bakery, correct me if I'm wrong (idk what this man would be doing in The Bakery tho)
  9. Broooo! Imagine having some "Enoxification" on the new record!!! EL was heavily inspired by the demos they worked on back in 2009-2010, and now I can see the new album being also inspired by those sessions with Eno! :O
  10. That I'm so easy to please
  11. Then I'm up with the birds
  12. Champion Of The World vs Us Against The World
  13. If you can't uncompress the file using WinRAR, just download and use 7zip instead!
  14. Actually, they used that same font 20 years ago whem they released Yellow:
  15. This feels like a direct reference to it... Guy has been sharing a bunch of surreal artwork from different artists lately. Maybe he just loves surrealism... or he's just sharing some art from the people the band has been working with lately! :O
  16. I was thinking about that... Somenone said the other day that MAYBE we can see the new outfits for the upcoming era...
  17. Amazing Day vs. One I Love
  18. Now we need a list on how to use them! :(
  19. @stephen man I love this design righ now!!! :O I like the fact you have the bar on top always visible, so you don't have to scroll upwards to see the notifications tray or DMs!!! What I'm not sure I like tho is the colorful frame around the profile pictures, maybe a black one or dark gray one would look better? The colorful frames looks great around the buttons tho :P
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