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  1. The show will air on radios today isn't it? Will some of you guys be able to record this beauty??? 😞
  2. Cemeteries of London vs Coloratura
  3. Imagine the japanese bonus track being The Race, that would skyrocket the sales of that version among fans! I wouldn't hesitate to buy a copy if that was the case!!! :P
  4. Yeah, the leak seems to have MOTS II interlude attached to it and... Hot take: Aurora could be the little instrumental bit at the end of My Universe!
  5. We asume it's a demo coming from the AHFOD era. It seems that it's just a proof of concept tho, maybe they made this demo just to see how it sounded, and Chris started mumbling over it, since he doesn't seem to be singing lol! Has a nice chord progression tho!
  6. Lol is this real? Im surprised she gave away such info to a stranger... lol
  7. Maybe... we have some leads, like the intro of the HP music video, and Chris calling it MOTS Vol. I. So it's safe to asume we'll have more volumes/releases. Will they use the same planets and alphabets once again? :O
  8. The collab is OK but what pisses me off is there's almost NO JONNY in there. Same with HP. This Max Martin guy seems to hate guitars or something, he is hidding Jonny under a ton of keyboards...
  9. Paradise vs Trouble In Town
  10. https://www.bcbanzou.com/shows/293525.html Guys, I'm interested on having the Higher Power instrumental track on the highest quality available, and found this chinese website that allegedly has the instrumental, but I can't play the preview, can anyone help me with this? Can you play the preview there? Maybe we can buy the track too...
  11. God it sounds so haunting... I'd love a song starting like that, imagine listening to that intro and then the song kicks int, talking about an astronaut lost in space. :P
  12. Chris is confirmed to be doing a collab with Brittany Howard on sunday. So I guess the chances of him playing Everyday Life went down now. Which song do you think the will be playing? https://twitter.com/RecordingAcad/status/1370102215319252994?s=20
  13. It's the Grammys, he won't play more than one song! And now that you guys mention it, I also think he will most likely play Everyday Life.
  14. They got the instrumental from this forum's download section for sure
  15. Hurts Like Heaven and Don't Let It Break Your Heart... I'll never get over those two powerful songs!
  16. 1. Always In My Head 2. Midnight 3. O (Fly On) 4. Magic 5. Another's Arms 6. True Love 7. Ink 8. A Sky Full Of Stars 9. Oceans
  17. This and more comes in the Mylo Xyloto pop-up edition. I have it and it's such a great book, full of notes about the process involved on making Mylo Xyloto, and a section at the end, called "excerpts from Chris' notebook" shows all these pages and notes from him. They have a lot of easter eggs! :P
  18. He mentioned the finished version of UATW on that Instagram live past year, so I'm sure he wasn't talking about this obscure release of the song being played live.
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