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  1. the race for the race // snooker music.io that’s it? Come on man!!! Let us know what to do!!!
  2. It's still working for me, its a new snippet for "The Race", other part of the song. It's not the same snippet we got on the AHFOD film.
  3. So sad this isn't getting released... sounds so good!!! EDIT: Been listening to this thing on repeat. JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY :(
  4. That's what I'm hoping for... I really need a higher quality version of Ode. I man, we have the cassette riped version and Bathmath's version, which is mono, sadly enough. I wonder where did he got that version, it's so much cleaner than the original rip.
  5. I'd love a vinyl ersion of Safety EP and Ode/B+S. I was listening to The Blue Room the other night and the sound was so different back then, I mean, the quality of recordings and how they were mixed. It adds some mysticism to them. I can imagine those studios recording everything into tape and then converting that to digital, right?
  6. Well you have a point here. Officially there's no hard case version of EL. Unofficially, on the other hand... https://www.discogs.com/es/Coldplay-Everyday-Life/release/14505303
  7. Actually, no. Their first studio album that came in a cardboard sleeve was Viva La Vida on some countries (like Australia), and then the Prospekt's March dual disc followed up.
  8. Nope, just Cry Cry Cry and Trouble In Town are said to have music videos being worked on...
  9. That would put Kirboh as a freaking hero.
  10. It was nothing out of the ordinary questions and 'Orphans' playing, isn't it?
  11. Of course we can, and we will! B) Can someone PM me the Flacs FLAC? :P
  12. That's how the song actually starts... Compare the audio from your copy with the song on Spotify or YouTube to see if they all match.
  13. That's true... Maybe they'll just scrap the audio snippet entirely?
  14. Damn guys I missed the live broadcast... It seems it isn't available to view it now. Is there any chance to watch it anywhere? Does any of you recorded it?
  15. MarckozZ

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    That Music Of Spheres poem is certainly something.. And what about FFTF2024? What if it is reversed? 4 - 2 - 20? 2nd April, 2024? Well, seems unlikely...
  16. Oh, sorry, I didn't see your previous post :P It seems it's the same... But, it looks like a .m4a file from iTunes reencoded to FLAC if you ask me... a direct CD rip would have more data (blue) on those black areas...
  17. It's the remixes vinyl for Talk, It has 3 songs... A really nice disk tbh. And actually I have a big collection of discs too!
  18. I found the FLAC version of Flags guys! PM if interested...
  19. GUYSI CANT BELIEVE THIS!! I’m on the Q&A video!!! this is SO EPIC
  20. Guys, can some of you transcribe what the audio snippet on Trouble In Town says? :P I'm not that good of a listener.
  21. And I still cant believe we are getting a live performance for the entire album!!! CANT WAIT!
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