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  1. @stephen man I love this design righ now!!! :O I like the fact you have the bar on top always visible, so you don't have to scroll upwards to see the notifications tray or DMs!!! What I'm not sure I like tho is the colorful frame around the profile pictures, maybe a black one or dark gray one would look better? The colorful frames looks great around the buttons tho :P
  2. Yeah, this is likely fake. The guitar and bass playing sounds so amateur haha... someone can easily isolate those vocals and paste them into some kind of cover of those songs... They're too bad to be real.
  3. Hey!!! Welcome to the forums!!! Always keep an eye on the Downloads section ;)
  4. OH MAN I NEEDED THIS THREAD IN MY LIFE!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!
  5. I have that image in suuper HQ, but sadly enough, the DSLR camera blurred the background out since it was focusing the band members... the only word that can be distinguished is LUKAS. EDIT: There's other songs that can be seen written there actually: Reign Of Love, Yes, Chinese Sleep Chant, Viva La Vida, Violet Hill, Strawberry Swing, DAOHF... Just the regular songs, the only unreleased one listed there is Lukas.
  6. Would you mind sharing that with me as well, please? Thanks!
  7. This is interesting... I also remember the guys playing rare songs during rehersals on the AHFOD tour... they sounded so good! Im hoping one of them makes its way to an album someday because of its beautiful chord progression! This one:
  8. If they use the new clothes for the iHeart Radio gig, it'd be awesome!!! But I can think of two possibilities: 1. They use new clothing for the new era and we all freak out. 2. They just wear casual clothes like on that Paradise video for that Global Goals broadcast...
  9. I freaked out for a bit when I saw the post on the band's instagram... Hahahaha! Do you think they will premiere some type of new material? Personally, I think they'll just play some songs like Paradise, VLV, Yellow and call it a day. I'm not expecting nothing new anytime soon, all of this and the past clowning we had made me some kind of sceptical at this point. For me, 2021 is still a good year to think they'll start a new era. (But I hope I'm wrong about this too)
  10. I was wonderng if someone was recording this as well.. :D Glad to know I'll be able to listen to the whole thing!
  11. I guess it was deleted because there the guys were talking about some song that wasn't supposed to be out there.
  12. The colors are reminiscent to the MX era, but it was like a little tease actually... They could be totaly teasing us with the end of COTW, which is sooo exciting!!!
  13. Am I the only one that hates when some fanpages do that? -_- Anyway, yeah, those are common grammar errors when you translate from spanish to english using Google Translate...
  14. So this turned out to be somewhat religious now? Anyway, I have to admit those are some great coincidences there!!! :P
  15. SJLT VS Paradise (Seeb remix)
  16. That's what I've been saying... It's just a widget, a nice addition to the website. They should remove it to avoid confussion :P Anyway, why would they add the widget of the moon to the image they used as a banner on social media?
  17. Don't Panic VS Only Superstition
  18. Or they can easily leave 2020 as the ending of EL era and bring a new one at 2021. I know the previous years were arranged like that (an era finishing and instantly starting a new one in the timeline), but maybe this time they'll bring a new one in 2021, who knows. I'd keep my expectations low so, as Chris said on the interview at the BBC when they played VLV songs, "everything else that comes, is a bonus".
  19. Warning Sign VS The Race
  20. Do you want the CD-Rom content or the actual magazine?
  21. 3. This is a fake account mocking fans longing for new material from the band... I wouldn't put that much attention to it...
  22. Going totally wild here, but what if we have to wait until the moon phases graphics match the favicon moon phase? Would this match the July 10th actual moon phase?
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