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  1. It's just a tweet, I was talking about the actual sound file of the song :P hahah
  2. I don't think so... We'll have to wait a lot more I guess... BTW We're not supposed to post in this thread unless something really happens! :O
  3. If you'll only, if you'd only say yes
  4. Just because I'm losing
  5. An empty house is not a home Wait a minute... ._.
  6. Over by the mountain where the prospector had been told
  7. Here I am and I'll wait in line
  8. If you want me to change, I will change for good
  9. No, referee, don't stop the fight
  10. All that NOISE I'm waking up
  11. When the truth is I miss you!
  12. One, two, three, Will... *tambourine and drums start playing*
  13. Could be, but Chris said that it actually meant something, but didn't said what. If it was just another take on the album's name, they'd clarify that from the beginning. Anyway, I guess we are not getting a snippet/tease today as the previous theories suggested...
  14. Far too many people looking for their money
  15. How long am I gonna stand
  16. Brothers AND sisters unite...
  17. FLY on, right through...
  18. But though I try, my heart stays still...
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