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  1. Nope... That will most likely remain a mistery til the end of time...
  2. They’re not leaking the song.. haha it’s someone else. Btw I hope the band doesn’t get mad on the fact the song gets leaked... let’s hope they keep the plans of releasing it sometime... 😭
  3. You're reaching too far here... It's just a t-shirt! XD
  4. I think this user is talking about the demos this person supposedly has! See under the Unreleased section of the website.
  5. Yeah, I know a thing or two about running a fan account... :P BTW, go give this a listen! 😉
  6. Thanks for mentioning me... Well, I have to say I'd love to be a mod. I've been seeing a lot of spam lately... I'd love to help clean this place from said garbage posts, BTW: New stuff coming! I'm posting a new remix now!
  7. I hate to tell you this, guys, but this is certainly fake. Seems that someone just pasted the old AHFOD film snippet on top of another old snippet of The Race that had that part of the lyrics and this is the result of such "prank". You can tell by how the sound seems like a whole mess when the battery kicks in, there's no cohesion to it. Plus I can clearly remember the snippet that had the "I won't fall" part, I just hate it when some people play with the hopes of our community, laughing at us by throwing false demos/snippets or flexing about having them. I also hope Phil keeps his word on releasing The Race someday... Anyway guys, this snippet seems BS to me by said reasons...
  8. Do you guys think they'll be all together live or will they be each one on their homes?
  9. Never been into Collier's music... Maybe I should give it a try!
  10. Lol this is not a hint! Chris must've forgoten about MOTS and FFTF2024 by now XD
  11. It would be such a bummer if this project gets delayed due to some kind of legal issue...
  12. Haha guys, there's no need to say "this is gonna be like this or that", since we have a lot of time until the next album comes out and we don't know nothing about it but the mention of MOTS in the booklet. We have theories, yes, but they're just theories in the end. Also, imma laugh out loud when MOTS comes out and it ends up being poppy as AHFOD XD
  13. I hope we can find a way
  14. But if you want to call me, call this line
  15. That I'm so easy to please...
  16. Stand here beside me baby
  17. BTW, how's that project going? I almost forgot about it :P
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