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  1. That's how the song actually starts... Compare the audio from your copy with the song on Spotify or YouTube to see if they all match.
  2. That's true... Maybe they'll just scrap the audio snippet entirely?
  3. Damn guys I missed the live broadcast... It seems it isn't available to view it now. Is there any chance to watch it anywhere? Does any of you recorded it?
  4. MarckozZ

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    That Music Of Spheres poem is certainly something.. And what about FFTF2024? What if it is reversed? 4 - 2 - 20? 2nd April, 2024? Well, seems unlikely...
  5. Oh, sorry, I didn't see your previous post :P It seems it's the same... But, it looks like a .m4a file from iTunes reencoded to FLAC if you ask me... a direct CD rip would have more data (blue) on those black areas...
  6. It's the remixes vinyl for Talk, It has 3 songs... A really nice disk tbh. And actually I have a big collection of discs too!
  7. I found the FLAC version of Flags guys! PM if interested...
  8. GUYSI CANT BELIEVE THIS!! Iā€™m on the Q&A video!!! this is SO EPIC
  9. Guys, can some of you transcribe what the audio snippet on Trouble In Town says? :P I'm not that good of a listener.
  10. And I still cant believe we are getting a live performance for the entire album!!! CANT WAIT!
  11. Do you already have it? Can you show us more? I want to see how is the back of the box!!! :P
  12. Maybe we will get clean (without snippets) versions of the songs once the instrumentals get leaked... Sometimes those voice memos are stored with the main vocal track...
  13. Guys, I need your help. The sound that appears at the beginning of Church just before Chris starts singing, is it a whale, a nocturnal bird or a wolf? :P
  14. I forgot Ghost Stories Live being a TV special on a french channel as well... So, we hopefully get it as a DVD or even Blu-Ray! Fingers crossed!!!
  15. Do you think we will get the live performances on a CD/DVD release? I mean, they could just leave it as a YT Premium thing, but remember how AHFOD Film is on Amazon Prime and we also have it on DVD. A proper CD/DVD release of Live In Jordan would be just awesome!
  16. I think it's meant for the promo CD only, maybe an indicator of some sort for the radio operator or listener that the second half is about to start. I bet this interlude wont be part of the final release since both albums will already be separated in two physical CDs. I remember seeing radio promos that have this kind of splitted tracks, like the intro being separated from the rest of the song just as an indicator for the radio operator/host to stop talking before the actual interesting part of the song starts.
  17. Well, for me this album feels great but lacks something... definitely needs to grow more on me. So far, TiT, Daddy, WINAF, Cry x3 and EL are the ones I like the most.
  18. LOL Guys, that version actually got released on a charity album on iTunes Canada. I have the track on M4A straight from iTunes if you want it...
  19. Sure! But sadly enough, its just an MP4 file, no M4V iTunes goodness there. But still it's HD! Gonna see if I find it somewhere on my drive when I get home.
  20. That's my FB page dude! :P I found the video last year on this forum btw...
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