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  1. The only thing that bothers me is the drums.... Sound a little bit to rigid and not organic, but it reminds me of PM era (which is good) :D
  2. Can't wait to see your tabs on Èkó and Old Friends ;)
  3. pretty good, can't stop listening Songs of Experience - U2's new album :heart::p probably the best of 2017
  4. How hot Guy looks in Chris t-shirt? OMG [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  5. Haruka

    The song Game!

    Get Out Of Your Own Way - U2
  6. probably entering my 30s, considering they're finishing the tour here in South America (and I can't go :confused::oops:), will be at least 3 years hiatus for us
  7. the solution is to post work it on a good video editor program like Vegas Pro, where you can redefine levels and some source of audio mastering. it won't be as good as if you recorded with better mics, but you won't waste your video. my poor solution is to only make videos in concerts with my cellphone (Moto G5), surprisingly it has better mic than my Canon Ixus 120 IS :D
  8. as I recall it, Chris mentioned it on a interview pre-AHFOD release.... so that's maybe why I got the impression that it was more recent
  9. the only thing I dislike on Kaleidoscope EP is Miracles (Someone Special) being called that, instead of just Someone Special... 2 songs with the same name, it's confusing : unamused: also, isn't ALIENS the one they tried to record with David Bowie but he turned it down?
  10. early this week I finally bought my 2nd ever ticket for a U2 gig :D:D:D the longest concert drought (for one band) I've ever had, it's been 6 years since they last played here.... I can only hope our boys to be back in Latin America in a shorter period of time than that
  11. Never gets old [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Hello, it's me Luijonny Enviado de meu Moto G Play usando Tapatalk
  13. Not yet but I got a pretty extensive list of things I want to tattoo :p Have u ever want to get a piercing?
  14. True hahahaha let's see how the Internet translates this to Brazilian portuguese: Meu Daniel perigoso e bêbado na Cova dos Leões. (LOL quite literally) Life is a drink, your love's about to make the stars come out
  15. Crystal ball could foresee a change
  16. Never been out of South America.... Have you ever worn clothes different from your gender (male/female) ?
  17. Saw this on twitter and immediately started "So I put my hand up to the sky feeling life" in my head LOL
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