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  1. The Politician's Husband 1x02 1x03 Hannibal 1x07 Sorbet Hey Doctor Who 5x06 The Vampires of Venice Poor Rory. :lol:
  2. This show is amazing. Gimme more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :escaping:
  3. Helloe Marianne :nice:
  4. I found a game which I played about two years ago. It's a game that he can guess what person you think about. :P http://en.akinator.com/
  5. Yeah watch another episode of House MD. wat?? :stunned: Amber hurts in the bus which House is also in there.
  6. OMG you all are more amazing than the teacher. :D It's good! I don't know the pub culture. So I don't know what I can order. :rolleyes:
  7. Me either. It's freaking me out.
  8. Why it is so hot? Cool down please.
  9. I feel so tired today. And I couldn't focus in class. :( A little interesting thing from listening class: The teacher told us that British pronounce "often" and "schedule" with different way. That's cool. :awesome:
  10. I believe you, Laurel. :nice: I have already brainwashed my friends that I will live in UK for one year in the future. :awesome:
  11. Thanks. :) GTM+8 :nod: This is so inspiring. Congratulations! :lol::lol::lol: The time I will graduate is in 2017.:rolleyes: My favorite song from Radiohead is Karma Police. I can play it on the guitar. It sounds really good. :laugh3:
  12. Bye~ ................. The microphone has problem. Why why why why why why? Sorry Celien. :embarrassed: How to type ê?
  13. Swallow though I never have chance to try it. bubble tea
  14. Coldplay stuff from coldplayers, such as confetti, xyloband, and posters. :nice: sq
  15. Back home from the school. 10 pm already. :|
  16. ^ wow, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, I like the album. :dance:
  17. Can we do it at weekends or around Friday? Here is GMT+8. 8.30+7= 15:30 (Did I calculate right?) oops I missed it. :embarrassed:
  18. Sorry that I can't attend. It's already sleeping time here. :rolleyes:
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