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    Welcome! :nice:
  2. The Village 1x05 Hannibal 1x01, 02 ^ This is definitely amazing. I can't wait to watch all. :awesome: __________ 5/5 Hannibal 1x03 1x05 I thought I was watching episode 4 BUT IT'S THE SAME CONTENT AS EPISODE 5. Can somebody give me or tell me where I can watch episode 4? Thank you.
  3. It's so late here. Hope all of you will have a good night. Bye :nice:
  4. House MD 4x13 Wilson is with Amber. But House.. Anyway, Wilson sometimes is available to House. It's a little interesting to see House and Amber fight. You know it's amusing. :awesome:
  5. Okay I watched too many tvs I guess. :awesome: In The Flesh 1x03 what a sad end. The Politician's Husband 1x01 I'm a little confused about the plot actually. I don't like golden(? what it is called?) hair. ___________ 28/4 Penguins - Spy in the Huddle 1x03 House MD 4x11
  6. After watching it, I feel that a lot of gray clouds on my mind all day long. Oh :cry:
  7. In the Flesh 1x02 The Village 1x04 Broadchurch 1x08 It's really a good story. That's all I can say. :cry:
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    Hello !

    Welcome Alexandre! :nice: I guess my English is worse than you. Please don't mind. :laugh3:
  9. Yu-tong

    Life Shuffle

    How am I feeling today? The Passing Time Will I get far in life? Map of the Problematique How do my friends see me? If You Ever Come Back Where will I get Married? Winterlove What is my best friend's theme song? Blame It On Me What is the story of my life? Valium Skies What is/was highschool like? Down To The Market How can I get ahead in life? The Goldrush What is the best thing about me? Love Drunk How is today going to be? Life's an Ocean What is in store for this weekend? Man In the Mirror What song describes my parents? Dear Maria, Count Me In To descri
  10. I'll be the king for two minutes tonight. (give a speech) I feel nervous about it actually.
  11. I plans to watch it tomorrow. I'm not ready. :hug:
  12. In the Flesh 1x01 This makes me cry. :cry: What if those patients were your family, would you kill them too?
  13. Yu-tong


    Welcome Deb :nice: That sounds it is the best thing ever!
  14. Doctor Who 5x01 The Eleventh Hour It's a good start. :nod:
  15. I reached 2,000 post! :lol:
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