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  1. Two assignments. And I'm going to finish them.
  2. This movie is amazing. Everything.
  3. Hello Shawn :nice:
  4. Me me me meeeeeeee! You have to assume that I don't know anything. And I want to learn. *with strong interest* :D
  5. Good night everyone. :P
  6. In my opinion, I feel that twitter is more convenient. :laugh3:
  7. Yeah and you are the first one on my skype. :nice: (Most of my friends are from MSN.)
  8. I seldom use Skype. But can I have you all? :escaping:
  9. ^ That's so special. :nod:
  10. 28 C Good day, but I don't like it. It reminds me summer is coming.
  11. I can play the guitar and the ukulele <---newbie :rolleyes:
  12. Yu-tong


    oh my :charming:
  13. Okay I found the way to watch Œuf. Hannibal 1x06 Entrée I want moreeeeeee!
  14. Silver Linings Playbook 8/10 Yeahhhhhhhh excelsior!! :P
  15. My Live 2003 DVD is broken. However, CD is okay. :(
  16. I think I don't care too much. I do. I have a gap in my bottom front teeth. People seldom find it. And when they find it, they always surprise about it. lol When I go to see dentist, he advises me to correct it or insert a tooth. I hate it sometimes. My pronunciation is strange because of it. Well, I can open my mouth a little and the drinking straw can go through it. :laugh3: Warning about the pic I hide, it's my teeth
  17. wat? the American version? :( I used to watch the inbetweeners.
  18. You guys are all good at languages! :rolleyes:
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