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  1. I've never lost so much respect for coldplay...this is just not honest, its them selling...I am so dissapointed
  2. honestly, it it just a giant advertisment...wtf coldplay
  3. Yeah, I mean, I see you music as a way that artists can express their emotions and we can relate to them. I thought this album was how Chris was feeling and I could relate it to my life and things that were happening around me...now it feels like the soundtrack to a movie, something that you cannot express emotions through, because it's fictional
  4. HAHAH this is hilarious. Do boobs and Coldplay mix well??
  5. So because of the leaks, coldplay decided to release Princess of China Early!!! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Uw6ZkbsAH8&feature=channel&list=UL]Coldplay - Princess Of China ft. Rihanna - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Sorry guys!! I didn't know the video Leaked!! how do you delete this...
  7. This^ Seriously, what's the point of this?
  8. Here's the remix for Princess of China...It's...umm...no words on this planet can explain how bad this remix is. And have you guys notices that they are releasing this a year after the first single of the MX era?? [ame= ] [/ame]
  9. Hey!! Coldplay posted on their Facebook page that the video will premier Monday 4th of June. Anyone else excited?:D[/img]
  10. I am now even more embarrassed to be a coldplayer...people make fun of coldplayers, and now this
  11. They should just release it as a single already, or charlie brown. Paradise has been a single for 9 months, seems like a long time for a single
  12. There's only one song from X&Y, its not fair, I mean its not my favorite album, but it still deserves some live action
  13. I know how to play all their songs in all 4 instruments!!1 This would be really cool!!!
  14. I am SO excited for this, I will go to the ends of the earth for this right now
  15. I used to think that it was a crime that Coldplay made an album so different. But then I got to like it, and then it became old so quickly, anyone else think that? Like after a couple of weeks I wasn't interested in listening to it anymore...it got boring :\
  16. I meant remix lol, There's a PoC Remix???
  17. Why oh why?? I was hoping Charlie Brown would come first, but by the looks of it...its not :(
  18. THIS IS SO GOOD, seriously fantastic job lad, Its even better than the charlie brown video! Matt Whitecross should give you a call! So he doesnt make another CB mistake, Congrats, its awesome
  19. I recently read the setlist for US tour and really? I mean Shiver has been on the setlist FOREVER, and instead theyre playing POC...:/ They're also not playing Lost or Politik, instead theyre playing a warning sign? Don't get me wrong, I love all of their songs, but I cant believe they gave up Politik, lost and Shiver...Get it together coldplay!
  20. I Just had to comment on this, today i went to a private maroon 5 concert, and honestly payphone sounds so awesome live, i thought they were going to be terrible, but theyre actually really good, its not pop, its more rock than pop, but it seems as they need to make it pop to sell, you guys should go see them, blew me away
  21. Well I was getting out of the boat after surfing and we started walking down the beach. Then my cousin said "hmm that looks a lot like Gwyneth Paltrow" and my mom said "That's because she is". So me and my cousin walked over to her and asked her if it was her and she said yeah, so we told her that we love her movies. And then Apple looked up at me and said "Hi!" and I said "Hi Apple" and Gwyneth looked at me weird hahah. So we said thanks and left. All the way back to the hotel I was hyperventilating
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