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  1. Yeah, having the flu is horrid. Yesterday was the worst day so far but thankfully today I'm feeling a bit better. :) That big gathering on the 30th sounds like fun! Sounds like a momentous occassion indeed with family including people's boyfriends and girlfriends and pets! :lol: Glad to hear you had a great time and met some cool people! :) Sorry to hear about your uncle though. Flu is bad enough as it is, but when you come all that way to be with family only to have to spend the whole time in bed with the flu, that's terrible! :( Ah, my New Year's was fantastic!! Went to a party on the Eve of New Year's Eve (wow that's a lot to say :laugh3:) which was a blast! I met some really cool people too and actually made some new friends. :) Then on actual NYE we just had a small party. We had tons of good food & loads of good music! :cool: So yeah, it was a lot of fun! :D

  2. Hello there and welcome to Coldplaying.com! Have fun here, Tamara!! :D I'm Glyn, btw. :nice:
  3. Haha, it's so funny to me how we always have to reply to each other in 3 visitor messages!! :awesome: Although this (total) spam post here makes it 4 for me...:laugh3: Spamming is extra fun when you have the flu (and therefore no energy to do much else) though! :lol:

  4. Plus I've still got the late Christmas party on the 18th of this month, which my sister and I are throwing, as several family members weren't able to spend Christmas together but they'll finally get their chance to all be together that day (hopefully I'll be all completely better by then!) and so I'll be getting some more Christmas gifts yet. It was funny because when Christmas began, my parents and I were trying to be all "Christmasy" and have Christmas music on. It soon just turned into Christmas Lights on repeat. And then it ended up turning into just Muse ALL day!! :laugh3: It was so epic. I'm so glad my parents are Musers, too, because Muse taking up the vast majority of the music played on Christmas was really awesome!! :dance: So how was your New Year's Eve? And how has 2013 been so far? So far for me, just being sick the entire time, has been no fun, but hey--Muse in 3 months!! :bliss: :dead:

  5. OMG your Christmas gifts are totally AWESOME!!!! :dance: All those shirts sound insanely epic and wow a Keane DVD?! Which concert is it? :surprised: :D Have those other things that hadn't quite been delivered to your house yet arrived now? If so, what'd you get? :wideeyed: My Christmas was truly amazing!! I got tons of cash, iTunes gift cards (can't ever have enough of those!!), a blu ray player, TONS of clothes, an iPod/CD player that also has this little built-in HD DVD player so I can watch all my concert DVDs on it, the entire Lord of the Rings bookset and also a copy of Tuesdays With Morrie, which is one of my all-time most favourite books, some CD's (a couple of Nirvana CD's I'd been wanting for awhile and an Incubus CD) and some art supplies I'd been needing for awhile so I can draw more. :D So yeah, my Christmas was just great!!

  6. Hey! Sorry for the super late reply! I've had the flu and am still feeling quite horrid, but thought I'd make some time to finally reply anyway! :) And no, of course I don't mind that you didn't have time to get on the computer on Christmas. That's good, you're supposed to be busy and having fun on Christmas! :dance: OMG, I'm so glad that your preference in pants is much like Matt's because I think his clothing style is awesome! Crazy, but totally awesome! :laugh3: I've just never known anyone who also thinks it's awesome so I just basically never talk about it. :lol: Actually, my favourite pair of pants that I've EVER owned are these totally "Bellamy red" skinny jeans. It's so funny because my dad calls them my "Wembley pants" because he always think of HAARP. xD

  7. Hey sorry for the super late reply! I've had the flu. :( Still feeling horrible, but thought I'd make some time to reply instead of just doing nothing! xD Wow, that's really awesome that your cousin is in a band that loves Coldplay! :D OMG yes, Live 2012 is bloody amazing!! :cry: :loveshower: So, how was your Christmas? Did you get any awesome gifts? Mine was fantastic! And what about your New Year's Eve? Did you do anything for that? Hope 2013 has been great to you so far, too! :nice:

  8. Hello there and welcome to Coldplaying.com! :) Hope you have loads of fun here! :dance: Oh and my name is Glyn, btw. :nice:
  9. Hey! Sorry for the late reply. :P I started the New Year with the flu. :/ Hopefully it'll pass soon. :) So how has your New Year been? And did you do anything for New Year's Eve? My New Year's Eve was actually quite awesome! :D Oh cool! So what concert tix do you hope to buy with your Christmas cash? :surprised: And haha! Yeah, sounds like your mum does want you to cook more. :lol: Hmm to be entirely honest, I don't believe I have ever heard "An Awesome Wave" by Alt-J. How is it? :D And you got it from an anonymous source? :shocked2: Well that's interesting! :laugh3: Ooh RH's Bonnaroo 2006 concert is amazing! And in perfect audio quality? Awesome! And oh yes, I did receive Muse's Christmas present. :awesome:

  10. Haha, that's fine--I love PM's actually! :laugh3: Especially because I ALWAYS go over the character limit of a visitor message and have to shorten it. Like seriously, every time! :lol: And sorry once again for such a late reply!! :) Hope you don't mind! :P

  11. Hey sorry it took me SO long to reply! :( But I've finally sent you a PM. :)

  12. Hey! I honestly thought I repiled to you a long time ago, but I guess not! :shocked2: Sorry about that. :shame: So how've you been? :) And OMG, I'm so excited right now because my Muse concert is just 3 months away!! :bliss: I'm just seriously TOO excited!! :D :D And yay! I LOVE Panic Station, as well. It's basically impossible for me not to both sing and dance to it every time I hear it. :dance: :lol: As for my favourite tracks, I especially adore Explorers...and I also find Supremacy extraordinarily amazing, but I honestly just love every track!! :wacky: So how was your Christmas? Great, I hope! :nice: And I'm wishing you a very happy new year, as well! :)

  13. Hello again, Paloma. :nice: I know you're new here, and I just wanted to let you know that if you have any questions about anything, just ask me and I'll try to help! I spend a whole lot of time here on Coldplaying.com, so I could probably answer any questions you have about it here. :) Anyway, hope everything is good with you and that you've been enjoying the holidays! Welcome once again! :D

  14. Hello there Paloma and welcome to the amazing fansite that is Coldplaying.com!! I'm actually from Texas as well!! My name's Glyn, btw. :nice: Anyway, hope you have tons of fun here on this awesome site!! :dance: Happy Holidays to you, as well!!!! :D
  15. Haha, I know, it's so crazy how fast we can go over the character limit!! It's the same thing with me...if I could write an essay as fast as I type these Coldplaying messages...gosh I'd make awesome grades! xD I'm always like Spongebob on that episode called "Procrastination" when he FINALLY sits down to write his essay, and he's writing for several minutes and thinking he's really getting somewhere, and then when he finally sits back to look at what he's written, it's just this fancy: "THE". :lol: So how was your Christmas, Jordan? Get some amazing gifts? Anything Coldplay or Muse or Radiohead-related?? :dance: Hope your Christmas was as great as mine! Mine was AMAZING!!!! :D :D

  16. OMG that story you told of last year when you were going through the class room and kicked over that metal thing and it made that insanely loud noise made me laugh out loud like a weirdo!! xD :laugh3: It's just feels like every time you're around a guy you like, you think, "Okay, I'm just gonna be cool around him" and then your brain's just like, "Haha, NO, I'm gonna make you run into a wall or something...something to make you look like an idiot in front of him." xD Every guy I've ever liked I'm sure only thinks of me as "The girl with horrible balance" or "The girl who fell over 3 times...when nothing was there" or just something like that. :uhoh: :blank: But yeah, The Hobbit is really amazing! :D And yes, I LOVED my early Christmas gifts! :heart: Yours sound amazing, as well!! I love making bracelets. :D And I'm also quite a fan of unusual pants...your title of "the girl with the awesome pants" is quite epic. :wacko: :lol:

  17. Hey! Thank you. :nice: Haha, it's fine it's late, when you weren't online I figured you were probably off having Christmas, that's good! :D And yeah, I got tons of really cool presents! Got a lot of books I'd been wanting for awhile and iTunes gift cards mainly, but awhile back, my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas, and I said "Muse money" (to get some Muse shirts and stuff from their website before my concert in March) and so when I got to my last gift, I opened this little box and there was a bunch of cash and this little paper that said "Muse money" on it. :laugh3: Staying pretty much broke lately, I was so happy to get this! Then I also got this awesome CD/iPod player that also has this screen so I can watch my concert DVDs on it. It's seriously TOO cool and music on it sounds better than anything I've ever heard. :D So anyway, these were my favourite gifts. :wacky: How about you? How was your Christmas and did you get anything cool? :)

  18. Thank you!! :nice: Glad to hear you've been doing good. I figured you've been busy lately, and didn't you say you're starting school in January as well? And I've been doing great really, thanks! :D So how was your Christmas? Get any really cool gifts? You're seeing Muse too?!?!?!? OMG congrats!! When's your show?? :dance:

  19. Hello there Sam and welcome to the awesome Coldplaying.com! Hope you have tons of fun here! :) Merry late Christmas! :D Oh and my name is Glyn, btw. :nice:
  20. Hey Jordan, I will reply to your last messages soon, but right now I'm just on to wish you a Merry Christmas!! :happy: Hope you're having a great day!! :D

  21. Merry Christmas!! :happy:

  22. Welcome to Coldplaying.com, Enrico!! Nice cover of an amazing song!! :nice: And I am wishing a Merry Christmas to you! :D
  23. Hello there Natt and welcome to Coldplaying.com!! :nice: Hope you have tons of fun here!! :) Also, I just had to add that I just LOVE your Chris avatar. :heart: Oh and I'm Glyn, btw. :happy:
  24. Hey thank you for accepting my friend request. :nice: How are you doing? :)

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