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  1. Everything's Not Lost A Whisper White Shadows Lost! Princess of China This is like choosing which one of your best friends you like the least. :P
  2. Voted a 4. The song is one of the highlights from Mylo (The album is rather mediocre), but this video... I don't know. The idea seemed like a plan, but I honestly don't believe this is a direction Coldplay fits in. Making a comic about your album and including a music video to advertise it seems more of a stunt that Maroon 5 would do. Personally, this looks like another company inspired project like featuring Rihanna. Looking at the music video, it was, well, OK. The artistic style and colours were great, but it felt more like a fan video rather then anything official. Overall it se
  3. This song would have been a lot better without Rihanna. Not too fund of it, but Mylo Xyloto didn't impress me as much as the other albums with every song. I'm just hoping for the next alt rock masterpiece to be in stores.
  4. The band loves your title though. :smug: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb-OhedMKc4]Feral - Radiohead (The King of Limbs - 2011) - YouTube[/ame] That is another example of the kind of music I wouldn't expect many people to have in their top ten songs... like me. Anyways, quoting my post again for the new page.
  5. Lil Wayned... pff, hahaha, your a funny one making topics like this. ;)
  6. I used to like her music, but nowadays she is attempting to get into the mainstream corner. I don't like her new album songs (Or the songs from Hard Candy) and including Nicky Minaj popped the bubble for me.
  7. I rarely come on around here, some of you might not know me, but I came here wondering what Coldplaying's opinion about Radiohead is? I personally, as a true fan of Coldplay, will admit to finding more joy in Radiohead. Their lyrics are stronger, their music is more of my taste, and they offer more variety. Unlike the usual Radiohead fan, I do have a great love for Coldplay. I have everything of Coldplay's work. They are absolutely amazing in their sound (Coldplay makes amazing live performances!) and Chris's voice is lovely. I actually found Radiohead trough Coldplay. Just about any Co
  8. I don't know if this has been posted before (I joined today!) but what is the story that takes part during the album?
  9. Is there a release date for the music video? There, that's Car Kids for you.
  10. I think we are talking about Charlie Brown, as from looking at the lyrics.
  11. When the single was first released I was surprised, but I found it well. As soon as Paradise was released I started listening to the new singles daily, and Mylo Xyloto had become a thrilling album. A user on YouTube quoted: "Coldplay are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." This is correct. Every album of Coldplay has been different from the other. When X&Y was released it brought a very different style, and it turned out great. Coldplay's next album will most likely be different from the past too. If you cannot accept Coldplay to become different, then
  12. The background music seems somewhat out of tone, but very well made.
  13. I voted yes, though this is not one of my favourites from their new album. I personally find that Rihanna takes over the song mostly. Yet, it does have a good tone to it. It's an attempt at something new, you either like it or you don't, and it wasn't all that bad. This album has not been disappointing to me at all.
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