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  1. Came across at a target store.. [ATTACH=full]5041[/ATTACH]
  2. To be honest I've noticed it isn't just these songs either... He mixes up other lyrics even to brand new songs pretty often it seems. Ones that come to mind are Amazing Day and Army of One, among a few others. I don't know what's up with Chris. Mixing words on songs old and new, and of course the clocks thing. I really hope he is well... Perhaps he's just become a little too carefree. But I don't know...
  3. I still just find this the weirdest thing ever. Why Clocks? Such a seemingly easy song to sing. Chris is obviously singing live on other songs and many seem like vocally harder songs. Why fake the easiest one and do the hard ones for real? I almost wonder if there is some undisclosed health reason, if he is bored of it, or what. So strange.
  4. Maybe this is more of a random coldplaying thought, but I've always found it quite nice to come here and read after a long day. People come and go, and sometimes it seems a bit quieter around here compared to years past, but it always feels like home.
  5. That's a sweet shirt, I think I know someone who'd really like it. Is there a product title or number for it? I can't seem to find it on the h&m site. Thanks!
  6. I know it wasn't an option, but my favorite ever has to be Life is for Living (Even though they always did an "encore" a few minutes after). It's like their proto Up&Up. "In the end there's ooooonly looooove..."
  7. So as a sample I listened to Paradise and Up&Up from Peru and from Mexico and I can say confidently that there is no lip-syncing on those two. This makes me think it truly is just Clocks. Why lip-sync one song and not the rest? I mean I don't want Chris to but why choose just that one? Maybe because Clocks is in the dead center of the set so maybe it's just a way for Chris to get a break. It's just so odd to me though. Why not play life in technicolor for gods sake and just take a break during an instrumental.
  8. Chris looks like a superhero. [emoji106] this is cool
  9. Thanks! Yes and thank you :) I'm no photographer by any means so it's always a nice treat when I happen to take a good one haha!
  10. This is a photo I took during the holi celebration at my university. It's very Coldplay-ey, I use it sideways as the wallpaper on my phone.[ATTACH=full]4522[/ATTACH]
  11. The stars aligned and I will be in France with my family while Coldplay is playing there in Nice. I am so lucky because, looking at the tour map, Coldplay must have decided to skip the whole South USA haha. It would be a 16 hour drive there and back for me if I went to one of the closest shows in Louisville or Philly! I've only ever seen Coldplay in England and in the US, so I am very excited to see fans from France and all around. Continental Europe seems like such a beautiful place with such wonderful people and fans :)
  12. Parachutes: Everything's not lost - hope Shiver - desire AROBTTH Green Eyes - affection Politik (live 03) - power X&Y: White Shadows - searching Fix You - compassion Viva la Vida: Life in Technicolor ii (Prospekts) - light Death and All His Friends - life Mylo Xyloto: Charlie Brown (live 2012) - neon Clocks (live 2012) - jam Ghost Stories: Always in My Head - lover O - acceptance A Head Full Of Dreams: Up&Up - love Army of One - cool Non era/album songs: See You Soon - peaceful Christmas Lights - Christmas
  13. I was just thinking, it's probably gonna be so cool/weird for the guys when they end this leg of their tour at the place they played the super bowl. I wonder if they'll use the Super Bowl stage and bring out Beyoncé again haha
  14. Arena shows like the BOK center are very different from stadium shows. The floor in arenas for concerts I've been to (including Coldplay) always have seated floors. Except for the front row pit, there is no general admission or standing area. I am not sure if you can buy the pit tickets or if they are given out by roadies to fans they see at the venue. But anyways, if you get a floor seat close to the stage at an arena show, the seats are numbered and you don't need to get there early/storm the field.
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