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  1. This would be awesome. Honestly Coldplay is EASILY the best show over Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift both of whom I have seen.
  2. Sweet, where will you sell them? eBay, Amazon or what?
  3. This. Decent is exactly what my opinion on it is. It's just fine, not perfect but not bad.
  4. A point about iTunes reviews. At least here in the US, for some reason people prematurely rate albums usually 1 or 5 stars. So I'd be wary of thinking all of these people have listened end to the full cd yet.
  5. Here ya go A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay https://itun.es/us/rgC0- This is the USA iTunes by the way[ATTACH]33082[/ATTACH] Edit woops I accidentally deleted the ign thing when I added the iTunes bit. That was just a internet joke about the infamous "IGN: too much water" review Original post: "IGN: 5/10 too much Coldplay"
  6. Good customer reviews on iTunes, as of now it's 4.5-5 Stars
  7. Honestly it's not. Like Princess of China it's just very "not Coldplay," and people (myself included) find it amusing to exaggeratedly shit on things. It's Chris with very light autotune/vocoder rap-singing a fairly repetitive loop. It's lyrically shallow in my opinion but I honestly enjoy it. I like alternative, electronic, rap, hip-hop so for me I find it like a cool little sojourn during a Coldplay album. If I only really liked true rock or alternative like a lot of "Oldplayers" I wouldn't like it either, so it's all just opinion. If you have a broad musical taste and find experimenting in
  8. Just didn't click with me. Coldplay has probably a hundred songs and one of them HAS to be my personal last you know? And for me it's that one. I think it disrupts the album in context and it's just droning and not enjoyable to listen to.
  9. Personal standard on a 100 point scale: Life in Technicolor ii and Politik (Live) are 10/10 A Whisper is 0.1/10 1. Up&Up 9/10 Really good song, very human and not artificial. I love the guitar and choir. Some of the best lyrics of the album are in this one. 2. Amazing Day 8.8/10 Beautiful. Love the strings and floating guitar. What I've been waiting for since Strawberry Swing. 3. Army of One 7.9/10 Fantastic pop song. Chris sounds strong and the lyrics are great pop lyrics without seeming derivative. 4. A Head Full of Dreams 7.7/10 These guys are a band in wonderful sync
  10. To me, nothing on this entire album is as bad as A Whisper. I'm just going to say it: in my opinion X Marks the Spot is better than A Whisper. That song fucking sucks.
  11. I have a feeling some people are going to say Birds is great regardless of whether they like it just because it's weird and gives them indie hipster cred lol
  12. ^nopes so that's probably right. I just never knew there was another one! I guess you learn somethin new everyday.
  13. ===The ultimate Oldplaying Thread ===S, BS, TBR, P, AROBTTH, X&Y, VLV=== Question for coldplayers who are older than me lol. What's the deal with the Violet Hill music video on iTunes that's just the band playing in the studio (like Ghost Story)??? I thought there was only two videos, the dancing politicians and the one of the boys in their viva stuff with the magnifying glass etc. Was there a third official video I just missed? Link to iTunes Violet Hill by Coldplay https://itun.es/us/PgJrQ
  14. "Angels in the marble waiting to be freed."
  15. Just saying, "X Marks the Spot" has some serious potential as a buckin fan fiction title.
  16. Omehgod i luv Celdplei. Chris Metin so is hot. He's songs are the bets.
  17. Wow... That Up & Up song... Just incredible. Listening to that made it all make sense. The whole end to the journey thing like I really get it and like felt the connection.
  18. I don't know if there is a Coldplay song as moving to me on the first listen as Gravity. I literally cried forreal. I don't want sad music per se but all of their recent "sad songs" just don't move me. I.e. Up in Flames, True Love
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