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  1. "As a can of beans." Literally the funniest expression I have read in a while. I just loled in the middle of a car full of people and have no idea how to explain myself. Thank you.
  2. It always makes me happy to see real coldplayers get the tickets to special shows :) I was fortunate enough to see coldplay in a couple intimate venues. They are very kind and Chris is funny and talkative. I'd say there really isn't that much of a difference except the atmosphere is more inclusive and it feels like you're more there with them than just being one out of ten thousands. Have a wonderful time and post some pictures for us! ;D
  3. Ahhhh this stuff is just too cool! I had no idea Batman was as talented at art as solving mysteries and punching people.
  4. So how about that new Coldplay album that's coming out in a couple weeks? Seems pretty cool to me, what do you guys think?
  5. [ATTACH]32906[/ATTACH] my doge toby being sleepy
  6. LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams" (DEC 4TH - Tracklisting in first post) Yeeeeaaaaah A Head Full Of Dreaaaaaamsss yeaaahhhh wooooooooh the albummmm yeahhhhh music discussion get hype
  7. It was really nice that someone mentioned how great X & Y was. I really wish they revisit it somehow either in concert or something else.
  8. Thank you so much! I just used these pics to make my self a shiny new avi for ahfod. :)
  9. Alright so (obviously) just my opinion but this is the most fresh thing Coldplay has put out in years... It is actually significantly different from their other works. I feel like I could make a musical argument with real evidence about how this is experimentally and sonically new for the band where as in ghost stories I would have a hard time arguing that the album wasn't just a shallow repetition of their own sound. This is new and fresh and it gives off the vibe I got from Justin Timberlake, and Daft Punk, and Lady GaGa/Tony Bennet's most recent albums. The vibe being it seems "real" music
  10. Well my patience is done. I'm just gonna start following One Direction from now on. See y'all later.
  11. Or just give a title like Viva or LiT where the title isn't in the song
  12. The verse is apparently someone called "Id" and Chris is the chorus. I kind of dig the song tbh but I totally get if people who like just like Coldplay style music may not necessarily like something like this with Chris in it.
  13. Here's the link, the moment is around 1:13 left in the video :) [video=youtube_share;mUAKXzkpv_c]http://youtu.be/mUAKXzkpv_c
  14. ^^^lol totally to each their own. I think hip hop fashion is pretty cool. Not like saggy pants etc but cool nikes and snapbacks and stuff. I especially love the colorfulness.
  15. Thanks for the replies �� I'm glad people can see how special that moment really was. It certainly gives me feels every single time. On another note, it can't be denied those guys all love each other a ton. Especially it seems Chris and Jonny; not like in a romantic way but you can see those guys adore each other.
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