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  1. O or Fly On, whichever is the first part is called
  2. I wish it was that but I doubt it since they are sound checking army of one. Also poppyfields is just a carillon and I don't know how they'd perform that.
  3. I'm from the Appalachian Mountains in the good old US of A.
  4. Wow Suhit and everyone, this is such a wonderful piece of art. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and uniting message for this band and our community.
  5. new link for m4a (itunes voice memo) file. I checked and both link sets work. Sorry if I messed someting up :( https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/7%2BD6CezVv3Ly06cZy7gWoQ
  6. donesies. Lemme know if somethings not working. just in case, heres the link again https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/+VUeZp94wNqn6PanTz+EHA and sorry if im total trash. I tried :3
  7. I'm sorry I've had a hell of a week. I'll be uploading very soon, certainly before the deadline tonight.
  8. Mad respect to the person who made it, you've got skills I could never have. But in my personal opinion, I think the shirt sucks. Really disappointed that it wasn't one of the other finalists.
  9. Cool cover, you can find it on iTunes. Is it bad if the song made me want to see the movie more than the actual movie part.
  10. I love singing, I'm so in [emoji4] but how do we record it? Does it need to be like studio mic quality or iPhone quality or what? [emoji16] like how do I know if it sounds good enough
  11. ^To all of the above, thanks for responding. I wondered if I was the only one to ever notice! I ran away, thank you, that's exactly what I meant, I just couldn't think of the musical words for it. The MELODY is different on those lines for sure! And maybe it is the Satriani thing... If I remember right, that whole thing came out right before the Grammys in 2009 and if you watch the Lost+/Viva video, Chris does sing it in the "new" way at the show. Very interesting idea.
  12. I have a question: Does anyone know why when Chris sings Viva la Vida live, every single time he sings the middle-end of the verses ("rule the world", "roll the dice", "sleep alone", "castles stand" etc) differently than the recording. Idk how to describe in musical terms but it's like he sings it upwards instead of downwards. Studio Live Thanks for any insight you all may have
  13. He's probably just a bit older and he's jumping around and dancing too much. Either that or his rampant cocaine use.
  14. nice one, good for you, ten points to griffindor [emoji106]
  15. Lyrics I think inspire me the most are: "So give me love over this." "Every road is a ray of light... Still it's such a beautiful night." "In the end, there's only love." "When I'm rolling with the punches... Leave a light on." Most of them are about hope and the importance of love; whether it's in good times, bad times, and unsure times. Hope and love <3
  16. Very beautiful video. Top comment on YouTube is about how this is wonderful cultural appreciation NOT appropriation. I couldn't agree more. They celebrated a lot of the beauty and traditions of Indian culture, filming real people and being authentic to reality. Unfortunately though, even though the mass majority's opinion is that this is a wonderful celebration honoring culture, some buzzfeed-internet-tumblr people are going to find something to complain about regarding its depiction of India.
  17. Darkest?? It's literally one of the lightest albums I own, it's literally a light gray picture on a white background. Not even remotely dark looking.
  18. If they played any of Strawberry Swing, Swallowed in the Sea, O, Death and all His Friends, or Up with the Birds I would definitely cry.
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