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  1. Does anyone else occasionally get kind of sad because you miss the wonderful, beautiful, magical era that was Viva La Vida?
  2. Personally, except for Mylo Xyloto (I love that album), their new albums have been very 6-7/10 to me. Some songs are amazing and some are just great catchy tunes, though most of them just don't have that certain magic and emotion that I can just feel and connect with like Viva. I like new Coldplay a lot, but just not as much as "Oldplay." BUT I've seen them on every tour since Viva and I swear that when I'm standing there and they're play anything whether I love it or not on the records, all of the magic is there again. When I see Coldplay live it's really "them"; the same band I fell in love
  3. After reading this I'm not sure if I'm to take it seriously or if it's just another pseudo-intellectual trash heap of an article so the author can prove that he went to college.
  4. That heart shirt thing is freakin sweet
  5. Hahaha oh my god you can just feel the awkward in this part of the interview
  6. Holy shit haha [emoji23] from the whole pseudo-intellectual tone to the excessive, unnecessary use of big "fancy" words, this has got to be the most pretentious thing I've read in ages.
  7. I just gotta say: fuck stargate. I really don't think there is anything impressive about the production of this album, and I honestly am not a fan of them being a hoop that the band had to jump through to get their ideas "approved." I would say let the band be unrestricted and make whatever comes out. If it's shit, they learn from it. If it's good, they don't need pop producers to tell them so. But right now it seems like the production held back potential.
  8. It's ironic that Chris saying something that bold and pretentious is the most Liam-Gallagher-rock-star-like thing he's ever said haha. [emoji108]
  9. Though I am one of those people that enjoys the band's newer material as well as older, I am still happy that this album is some sort of ending point for them. As someone too young to have followed them all the way from parachutes, it will be exciting if/when in a handful of years I get to sort of follow the band from a beginning stage.
  10. Best: A Head Full of Dreams Army of One Up&Up Worst: Everglow Xmts Color spectrum
  11. What was the X song that isn't X marks the spot?
  12. Viva la Vida. I really, really like A Rush of Blood the the Head but I just don't get why people circle-jerk over it so much. Viva is much more thematically deep and complete as an artistic piece.
  13. This song is really great. I think it would be a really good opening song in concert/I think better than AHFOD on the album but that's just me. It's an opener
  14. They had a display of Coldplay stuff around the new album at the Barnes and Noble I went to
  15. Listening to the title track, and I just can't stop smiling :) I've had such a rough month for many reasons and this album really made me feel like everything's gonna be alright.
  16. Wish radio 1 stuck around for Christmas Lights but thats ok. Its still cool to see them on Periscope like you're someone in the audience.
  17. I really hope that Chris is playing the piano on HFTW but I doubt it meh
  18. (This is a reworked post from "rank the songs" thread so sorry if it's repetitive) Personal standard on a 100 point scale: Life in Technicolor ii and Politik (Live) are 10/10 A Whisper is 1/10 SONGS IN ORDER OF FAVORITE TO LEAST FAVORITE 1. Up&Up 9/10 Really good song, very human and not artificial. I love the guitar and choir. Some of the best lyrics of the album are in this one. 2. Amazing Day 8.8/10 Beautiful. Love the strings and floating guitar. What I've been waiting for since Strawberry Swing. 3. Army of One 7.9/10 Fantastic pop song. Chris sounds strong and the
  19. This would be awesome. Honestly Coldplay is EASILY the best show over Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift both of whom I have seen.
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