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  1. Haha so Chris seems to be dealing with it in a similar way then! I really didn't think that they would feature someone else on an album after MX, but I guess we will see. Maybe the song won't make it or Rihanna will end up using it. I am secretly hoping the rest of the band vetoes future tracks like ASFOS and PoC. Chris' musical taste has certainly taken a turn in interviews recently to support One Direction, EDM and other major pop sensations. I am not saying that his inspiration is limited to Top 40, I mean the guy loves music, but what is so great about Coldplay records is how they m
  2. ^ A year ago! Daylight and Yes probably would have been my answers, but Magic is one of the sexiest songs to come out all year.
  3. ^ I really hope that isn't true. I don't mind Chris writing songs for other pop-stars, and I can forgive Princess of China somewhat because it fit into the aesthetic of Mylo Xyloto (god what awful lyrics though,) but no more, Chris!!!! This would most certainly mean we can expect more radio-friendly pop sounds which more than likely means more electronics and possibly EDM elements to their music. And personally, I think there are a lot of us who really, really don't want this to happen again.
  4. Two sources now that have suggested a back to back LP release in 2014 from Coldplay, I think that is plenty of reason to be hopeful. However, it does seem out of place. Maybe just a Ghost Stories EP Prospekt's March style? ' I don't know a lot about how record labels work and I am just speculating, but Ghost Stories had little promotion, and as much as I want to think Coldplay an independent band, wouldn't their label want them to now release something more commercial? Don't get me wrong, Ghost Stories still to me was a huge release. Midnight got a ridiculous amount of press coverage, and
  5. Haha it totally is a Chris thing to have a big red heart. I personally don't think it is awful, certainly one of their least appealing and most generic, but I have seen worse artwork. By Coldplay standards this isn't great though. Batman's version is far better. Any B-Sides on the release? If not, is this the end of the Ghost Stories era?
  6. So here I am, it is Midnight, I want to sleep, so I watch the music video and a blast of very recent nostalgia hit me. You see, when Midnight dropped unexpectedly, I was shocked and somewhat skeptical. "This sounds like vocoded Bon Iver, this video seems kind of amateurish, sheesh they sure are trying to be weird and alternative here and maybe trying too hard," I thought to myself. After a few days however, it all caved in on me. I fell head over heels for Midnight and a surge of excitement reigned through me. "Is Coldplay finally going to release an album that is fully electronic? Are t
  7. You are completely right haha. We human beings tend to do hate things without giving them fair chance. On my end, for example, I am predisposed to hate bands like Nickelback, Daughtry or Shinedown despite the fact that they have millions of loving fans. I would even bet that if I went to one of those concerts, or carefully listened to an album, I would gain more respect, but I don't. Same goes for Coldplay haters. They take the hits like Speed of Sound, Paradise or Yellow (which I love) and point out their simplistic lyrics and falsetto and say "Coldplay are whiny and making repetitive, b
  8. ^ Aye. Though our discourse is completely faceless, it is hard not to feel effected personally by cyberbullying. Though I am personally old enough to not give a crap what people think, for teens it can be dangerous, and you are right, it is impossible having a discussion when someone brutishly bashes something openly because it is inconsequential for them to do so. Coldplay does attract mad hate. Sucks. Oh well. LP7 is going to be such a masterpiece that everyone will just stop making music and the debate will be over.
  9. Whenever I feel down I binge watch live Coldplay performances and the Viva Era (in my opinion) is the absolute best. When else can you see Coldplay swap through so many instruments or put new spins on songs. I love the acoustic yellow with Will on guitar and Guy on mandolin, or the dancy/trippy mash up of GPASUYF and Talk! Their I Hear Radio Session with the Michael Jackson cover and stripped down approach. Or how about the amazing Viva era videos? Not a bad one in the bunch. If they can beat Strawberry Swing I will be very surprised. Sure their other tours of past were way more rockin (Tw
  10. About to see Paul McCartney who oddly enough is dropping by in my little town of 70,000!
  11. ^ They totally deserved it after that crap they pulled before Ghost Stories dropped! But if they come out with news about LP7 I will nonetheless praise them.
  12. I'm not as strong as you You're the only one And I'm dying trying It's all in my head And you're the only brave To leave me hurt And I'm not as strong as you But I am everywhere DOWN IT GOES then To the precious middle DOWN IT GOES then Towards my middle
  13. Of all the posts on this forum other than mine, I agree with this the most! Well said.
  14. Top Five constantly changes for me! It needs to be more like top 100, because there are only a handful of Coldplay songs ( Up In Flames, True Love, ASFOS, X&Y, What If) that I usually skip over. Right now....well I would say: 1. 42 --makes me go crazy every time it comes on. Beautiful and dense. 2. Politik -- no need to explain this. 3. Shiver -- so damn fun. so goddamn fun. excuse the language. 4. Midnight-- beautiful, experimental (by Coldplay standards) and relatively new. 5. Magic-- Even newer and just a blast to sing along, dance and mellow out to.
  15. This was hard has heck. I had to cheat and make some a tie. Tracks 3 and 7 were a real challenge. Track 1 : Politik > Don't Panic > Life In Technicolor > Square One = Always In My Head > MX (though all are amazing!!! Track 2: Hurts Like Heaven > Cemeteries in London = Magic =Shiver > In My Place > What If Track 3: GPASUYF= Paradise > Spies= White Shadows > Lost > Ink Track 4: 42 > The Scientist > Fix You > Charlie Brown > Sparks > True Love Track 5: Yellow > Midnight > Lovers In Japan/Reign of Love > Clocks = Talk > Us
  16. I too felt like Ghost Stories didn't have an edge. Perhaps it is the change of music taste. I am 20 and became obsessed with all of Coldplay's Discography when I was 14, right when Viva dropped, and I know that there are many others on Coldplaying in roughly the same boat. Mylo Xyloto started showing the signs of some of the pop directions they were heading, but I still love it because it has a distinct alternative edge (when all is said and done) and original flavour. Ghost Stories doesn't have an alternative edge. Sure Midnight is beautifully ambient electronics and AIMH is subtle, An
  17. I am agreeing with most this thread. Coming into LP6 I was really optimistic that Coldplay might actually shoot for less mainstream inspired music, especially with the darkly atmospheric and beautiful Atlas and Midnight. Before the album dropped, I thought Magic was going to be the only single and I loved it, considering the song is very original, groovy and fun. I was wrong. After listening to Ghost Stories through and through, I have to say I have lost my optimism. I don't want to sound like too much a whiner here, it is a solid album by my favourite band, but I would prefer if they fou
  18. Please let this come out soon! Ghost Stories overall wore on me pretty quickly :embarrassed: Unlike every other Coldplay album it just doesn't have that instant classic/almost perfect vibe to it that keeps others on repeat, it almost feels too safe. I really want to see this current era be used as a propellant into some new fresh and tightly executed tunes: more atmosphere, better lyrics, more interesting electronics/beats, or hell, more rock 'n roll or an all out acoustic jam fest. Coldplay is a band that could literally do anything it wants to and sell millions of records or singles, why
  19. I love Ghost Stories because I think it is honest. I may feel that it is my least favourite album from my favourite band, but that isn't saying much. They took risks, for better and for worse, but you can tell no matter what, track to track and as a cohesive album, they were honest. Chris' lyrics are sometimes cringe-worthy, but if that is what he wants to say then more power to him. It is overall quite subtle, chill and surprisingly sexy. Even if you can't stand some of the tunes (I am with you), you can't deny the honest emotion, and that is what I love about Ghost Stories.
  20. Gotta say it is really fun, but that first build and drop looks like four dorky guys with acoustic instruments dancing to rave music they couldn't possibly play hahahaha.
  21. This is amazing! This clip is absolute proof that an acoustic version of this track would be incredible! I would instantly replace the original with it on the album and it would make Ghost Stories that much better! I hope they release one soon...
  22. Disappointingly none of them really. Really going back to older albums for solace. Bummer. But if I had to pick, probably Magic, Midnight or Ink. Magic for its grooving, minimalist and sparkly production, Ink for that damn "All I know," hook, and Midnight for the hypnotic effect that I find enormously mood setting. Either that or I blast the intro or the last 1:30 of O :)
  23. That sounds awesome. Man I love this song. Not sure if it is because I can attribute it to a happy time in my life or just because it is so amazingly produced. SO MANY COMPLEMENTING LAYERS UPON LAYERS RAINBOWS POURING OUT OF GUITARS AND ELECTRONIC DAZZLES. Gosh, really is my favorite MX era song now that I think of it...
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