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  1. ^Totally agree, I wasn't excpecting them to get wiped out so quickly, geez! I have liked this season quite a bit so far. The writing and acting is pretty solid. My biggest issue though is how illogical the story arc is. It is firstly a little ridiculous that everyone escaped Terminus unscathed. Secondly, I am really scratching my head with the ending of this weeks episode. Rick's crew has proven to be invincible bad***es that can get through anything, human or zombie, and yet Abraham is so impatient that he can't wait a few days to head to D.C. with the whole group? That is just illogical.
  2. It all is a matter of taste, you are quite right. After a while I came to love MX for its production style. The xylobrytes, the constant layers being thrown on almost every track really elevated each song for me. That being said, it sometimes went too far. DLIBYH, for example, is a beautiful uplifting track, but the production drowns it out, and Up In Flames is one of Coldplay's weakest songs ever, I think. Every album has its ups and downs. X&Y had some great mixed songs. Low and Square One I think are amazing, whereas X&Y and What If feel over the top. I would say they were nearly pe
  3. Yeah I always hate to criticize too much but the truth is, if X&Y didn't get such scathing reviews for its lyricism and overlong nature, we may have never got the masterpiece of VLV. Now I don't think GS or MX or even X&Y was a disaster, but criticism is important because it pushes bands to improve. I know they say they don't, but Coldplay tends to take reviews to heart and try to ameliorate their sound, at least historically they have. It sounds mean, but I hope Chris can look at the critical reception of his overall lyrics on GS and songs like POC, and realize that a lot of his
  4. I totally agree. My favourite Coldplay moments to this day was during the Viva era where they would all jam out on acoustic instruments. Such great songs emerged: Death Will Never Conquer, Don Quixote, Famous Old Painters, their Billie Jean cover!!! Give Guy back that Mandolin/bass, Will a banjo/drums, Chris on guitar/keyboards/harmonica and Jonny and guitar and throw in some fresh production and electronic atmospherics elements from the last two eras! That is my ideal album. It might end up drawing comparisons to more Bon Iver, or War on Drugs or even Radiohead again but that sounds pretty am
  5. I totally agree! They have done a really good job with taking iconic comic book moments and incorporating them into the show in somewhat unexpected ways! I still find myself surprised even though I know the basic story line. I am interested in seeing how this whole Hunters story line pans out. Seems to me like they need to take a risk and kill some major character off. It has been a while since the core group has been lessened, but honestly I like most of those characters and will be sad to see any go.
  6. ^ You might want to refer to the LP7 thread for news on new developments, but mostly it is all speculation. As a brief summary: yes, they are working on a new album, or at least will be soon. Most hypotheses and estimates put the release of the album perhaps in early to mid 2015, with a world tour to follow. Most recently, Chris said in an interview that they will try to go as many places as possible for their next tour, so I think it is safe to say that there will be another concert coming near you! So don't fret. The last rumours I read suggested that Coldplay might be headlining some bi
  7. ^^^For shizzle. We know Chris is way better than MX and GS. I really liked how parts of MX mixed things up. I mean overall, now that I think of it, the album has serviceable lyrics. I particularly like lines on HLH, ETIAW, MM, DLIBYH and UWTB. The problem is that every other song was super cliched and mostly unimaginative. GS was a bigger offender. I mean, I like AIMH, and Magic is a really fun and interesting dichotomy when you think of it. Midnight and Oceans are overall good too. All those songs show that they are perfectly capable of having decent lyrics. I am not saying any of them ar
  8. ^hahaha it is pretty popular! I think that they have broken several records with viewer ships a few times. It is addicting, what can I say. The story sometimes is kinda silly and the acting is often spotty, but zombies, evil people, action, and cliffhangers! What else do you need?? And I should also mention that the show does occasionally have a really emotional or though provoking episode. :)
  9. If you have read the comics, you might know what is coming, a good twist! Poor Bob! The whole episode you knew something bad was going to happen to him because he got so many lines and happy moments haha
  10. To a certain extent I agree with you. Some of that cleanness was really refreshing. Perhaps the ideal sound is a mix of clean production and raw instrumentation, which in many ways is what VLV was. MX and X&Y sometimes didn't always feel mature, but I really enjoy some of the musical styles they embraced. Were it not for a few tracks on both albums, I think they would be masterpieces.
  11. I was just listening to Ink and Oceans live and have now come up with one single desire for LP7: Please let it sound natural. GS has really grown on me as a record, but I can't get over the fact that it sounds so damn clean and crispy. There is never any harshness coming from guitars, and Chris' voice sounds way too pure! Listen to Oceans for example. The song is incredibly beautiful and haunting, but the acoustic guitar feels like a computer whipped it out rather than having some nice, imperfect strumming. Same with Fly On, the song is so damn lovely, but the piano feels like it was recorded
  12. ^My girlfriend still insists that CD's are the best. She was a huge My Chemical Romance fan and so she wanted Gerard Way's new CD. It has been out for over a month and she only bought it yesterday at the record store, but still won't listen to it until she has a good CD player. She won't even use her computer!
  13. My ears are ready. I will plug them and take a vow of deafness.
  14. ^ I agree with you, but I wonder if this fact truly does have an effect on their songwriting. Certainly a large amount of pop music nowadays is whipped up fresh in record label labs and then given to the artist that will make it most successful. The result is a pretty repetitive and monotonous radio-sounds cape as far as many pop artists are concerned. Some bands break the mold though, and produce clean, honest, (mostly)original pop. Coldplay is in this category in my humble opinion. I mean, at this point, and unfortunately we will never have an answer, we have to ask: Does Coldplay's label
  15. I completely agree. The alternative audience (which includes myself) has been shrinking :( Hopefully they will get out of this spot! As far as Radiohead goes check out these more pretty and less crazy tracks, once you get into those it is easier to like some of their more strange stuff: All of "In Rainbows." Pyramid Song, Optimistic, National Anthem, Ideoteque, Karma Police, No Surprises, Fake Plastic Trees, Street Spirit (Fade Out), Thinking About You. All of these tracks either inspired Coldplay or have Coldplay elements in them!!
  16. Let's be honest here gang, LP7 is with 90% certainty is going to be another pop record. The only question I have is what other genre(s) will be incorporated? MX had indie rock/arena and dance pop. GS had indie-pop, dream pop, EDM. VLV had bits folk-pop and piano-ballads. So LP7 has what? Acoustic pop? Punk-pop? Straight EDM? I want some educated predictions/desires here.
  17. Indeed, Radiohead was one of the few bigger alternative/pop rock bands in the nineties to really go 180 degrees on Kid A (and parts of Ok Computer) In my opinion, they never quite got back to their poppier, more accessible self until In Rainbows. And you should try them out Midnightspies! I was into Coldplay first because they are less harsh and alternative, but the albums I mentioned above I would consider absolute masterpieces, truly beautiful music. To briefly weigh into this smallish debate, however, I think it is a difficult conversation to have about Coldplay because they mean differ
  18. Awww yeah. That would be awesome if they just came out with something extremely creepy (: I am thinking stuff like a combination Where Is My Boy, Cemeteries in London, Midnight and A Whisper, Major Minus, A Spell A Rebel Yell!! Crying guitars, pulsing electronics, minor chords plucked on an acoustic, punk-fast metal drumming, funky fuzzy basslines, throbbing and hypnotic. That is my dream. VLV really balanced some darkish themes but kept things pretty fun and poppy at times. Ever since then the themes in songs have been soooo cut and dry. One song is happy, the next sad. You're in love, you'
  19. I agree with you here. I am betting as well that we will be hearing new material live rather than the premiers of songs like Midnight and ETIAW. Playing live I think helped give the them the confidence in the songs before launching a world tour during the MX era, and if LP7 is a return to the "epic," then this would make sense for them.
  20. ^Great work!! Thank you! Your logic is sound here and I bet you aren't far off from the truth. :D
  21. y'all make me panic every time I get on the forum and see so many replies in LP7!!!!! Haha So quick thoughts and questions.. We know they were in the already partially in the studio over the summer because of some the interviews, and if we take this evidence of Chris at the bakery, we can maybe assume they are still in a recording process for something. My questions are : On average, how long are the boys in studio for their LP's? How long after putting the finishing touches on an album must we wait for a single/announcement of the record? I know this is very variable, but I know some y
  22. ^I just wonder where it would have fit in. I think the album flows really well as is, and maybe they just couldn't contextualize it within the all the electronics. I personally like it as a B-side because for me it is just too acoustic and guitar slappy to fit in. Plus, and I know I am a minority hear, I just don't think the song is fully fleshed out. I haven't really returned to it as much as I thought I might, Chris' falsetto just kind of annoys me. Instrumentally and production wise, it is a great track though.
  23. ^We haven't heard too much about this recently, but yes they were rumoured to be one of three artists who were asked to "pay to play" the supberbowl. While I don't think that they will end up playing the halftime show, you make a good point. The primary reason any artist plays the Superbowl is to promote upcoming tours, which is exactly what Bruno Mars did last year. And I think it is safe to also presume that if they have an upcoming world tour, that there will be a new record. So if we hear about who is playing the Superbowl soon (which they should decide on soon) and if it is Coldplay,
  24. ^Cheers! And yeah, it would probably be awkward if they did that. I just want any excuse for LP7 to come sooner rather than later :) And I completely agree. I have never given Kings of Leon a fair try, but from what I have heard from them, they are a solid rock band, and Chris has always been a fan. It feels like this is the first time in a while we have heard of Chris Martin being involved/appreciating a musical group that isn't top 40, which is always a good sign. I wonder what the other boys have been listening to? I always have liked interviews where the whole band talks about wha
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