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  1. I am agreeing with most this thread. Coming into LP6 I was really optimistic that Coldplay might actually shoot for less mainstream inspired music, especially with the darkly atmospheric and beautiful Atlas and Midnight. Before the album dropped, I thought Magic was going to be the only single and I loved it, considering the song is very original, groovy and fun. I was wrong. After listening to Ghost Stories through and through, I have to say I have lost my optimism. I don't want to sound like too much a whiner here, it is a solid album by my favourite band, but I would prefer if they found new inspiration. The band that used to take cues from indie and classic artists to turn them into accessible, masterful songs for me is no more. When Coldplay channels more "quality" music like Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Arcade Fire, Johnny Cash, Bon Iver, U2, worldly sounds, folk, shoegaze, electronica, they have come out with their most successful, critically acclaimed works. In my view, ASFOS is a shallow rendition of EDM taboo's while Ink (though I love it) sounds like a fuzzy copy of REM. True Love, albeit beautiful, feels inspired by Disney soundtracks. Undeniably, Coldplay has always followed popular musical trends to some degree, but the production on Ghost Stories and MX are the biggest violators. I think we are going to have start accepting that Coldplay is going to become only more overproduced as time goes on. Ghost Stories is too squeaky clean for me. Even the "beautiful and soulful" songs like Oceans and O are so sterile that they don't have the emotional, sould lifting effect that classic Coldplay does (i.e. The Scientist, Til Kingdom Come, Fix You, Don't Panic, Trouble, Amsterdam) LP7, unless Coldplay completely strips back, which I think we already know they won't, will undoubtedly be very produced, very radio-friendly. And I will probably still like it.
  2. Please let this come out soon! Ghost Stories overall wore on me pretty quickly :embarrassed: Unlike every other Coldplay album it just doesn't have that instant classic/almost perfect vibe to it that keeps others on repeat, it almost feels too safe. I really want to see this current era be used as a propellant into some new fresh and tightly executed tunes: more atmosphere, better lyrics, more interesting electronics/beats, or hell, more rock 'n roll or an all out acoustic jam fest. Coldplay is a band that could literally do anything it wants to and sell millions of records or singles, why not make things more interesting? I want an album sans obligatory big hit. No more production from DJ's or hitmaker producers. Ditch Epworth, Timbaland and Avicii and go for the experimentation that Eno and Hopkins are known for. Or why not work with other REAL solid musicians to explore new sounds? Artists like Rihanna and Avicii aren't going to take them anywhere interesting for me. When I think of how talented Coldplay are, playing so many instruments, having so many good genre crossing tunes, so much production value, it is frustrating to hear songs like ASFOS or True Love that follow bland cliches and fads. They can do so much more than that and man I hope they do soon.
  3. I love Ghost Stories because I think it is honest. I may feel that it is my least favourite album from my favourite band, but that isn't saying much. They took risks, for better and for worse, but you can tell no matter what, track to track and as a cohesive album, they were honest. Chris' lyrics are sometimes cringe-worthy, but if that is what he wants to say then more power to him. It is overall quite subtle, chill and surprisingly sexy. Even if you can't stand some of the tunes (I am with you), you can't deny the honest emotion, and that is what I love about Ghost Stories.
  4. Gotta say it is really fun, but that first build and drop looks like four dorky guys with acoustic instruments dancing to rave music they couldn't possibly play hahahaha.
  5. This is amazing! This clip is absolute proof that an acoustic version of this track would be incredible! I would instantly replace the original with it on the album and it would make Ghost Stories that much better! I hope they release one soon...
  6. Disappointingly none of them really. Really going back to older albums for solace. Bummer. But if I had to pick, probably Magic, Midnight or Ink. Magic for its grooving, minimalist and sparkly production, Ink for that damn "All I know," hook, and Midnight for the hypnotic effect that I find enormously mood setting. Either that or I blast the intro or the last 1:30 of O :)
  7. That sounds awesome. Man I love this song. Not sure if it is because I can attribute it to a happy time in my life or just because it is so amazingly produced. SO MANY COMPLEMENTING LAYERS UPON LAYERS RAINBOWS POURING OUT OF GUITARS AND ELECTRONIC DAZZLES. Gosh, really is my favorite MX era song now that I think of it...
  8. One of my favourite youtube reviewers just did Ghost Stories. As a warning, he mostly likes to review underground, indie, and big alternative music and very rarely does bands like Coldplay. I have always liked him though because he doesn't rule out any music and comes into everything very open. In fact he has mentioned before that he actually likes a lot of Coldplay whereas his friends love to hate on them (probably for no reason at all.) That said, this guy is pretty well spoken and knows a lot about music so I thought I would share his review, which as a hardcore fan, I disagree with only slightly. Also, I know he gets a lot of things wrong on this review (Timbaland and Ink, not realizing Chris Martin's situation, not referencing their early records) but I still think he makes good points. [video=youtube;FihAfj0FALk] I also think these people at Consequence of Sound are pretty well spoken and have a good review of the album where the overall consensus is around where I am at (though one girl clearly doesn't like or know Coldplay.) [video=youtube;Kky-t8JBTnE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kky-t8JBTnE
  9. Totally agree. "better" is all objective, but Radiohead is the more interesting, layered, and evolved band. First they have more members, all of whom strive for different experimentation. Thom Yorke is a genius and Jonny Greenwood has done wonders with his solo work as well. I love listening to Radiohead when I am feeling in a certain mood because their music is amazingly and uniquely done, and always has a certain harshness or melancholy that is jarring. They truly are a band that revolutionized what bands can do in my opinion. But Coldplay will always be above for me. Are they experimental? No. Are they as diverse of instrument players? No. Are they revolutionary? Definitely not. They just make the music for me that is interesting, beautiful, catchy, and emotive enough to be my favourite band quite simply. They are a package that includes so much more.
  10. You pose an interesting question here! It is remarkable to listen to a track from Viva and then True Love back to back. I think the reason Ghost Stories has felt largely like a disappointment is exactly this fact. In my taste, Viva, Parachutes, AROBTTH and almost MX are track by track masterpieces. I like most of GS, but it doesn't stand up even close to those, and maybe that is why you can't chest punch any more. It is hard to keep such high standards. I know we are a minority, but I too am very troubled by True Love. It never happens that I can't stand a Coldplay song, it has only happened with Up In Flames before this, but it totally does sound like a bad disney soundtrack. After thinking about it though, it isn't a bad song, it is fine overall, it is just that compared to their entire discography, it is nothing, that is the issue for me here, Coldplay has just made way too many good songs during my lifetime.
  11. Hells No. I love this album too! No guilt should be put on this!
  12. This. We really shouldn't care. It is okay to be disappointed, but Coldplay will always in a large degree be a band in the now, always radio songs, always new sounds to explore, whether they are rock, electronic, etc.
  13. Electronic music and instrumental music are both perfectly viable for any setting or any band. Both genres, whether we think they take musicianship or not, are original forms of art and therefore should be considered as equals. Sure, you can call Kanye or other electronic/hip-hop sampling unoriginal or copying, for example. But the fact is that they are just taking art that they love and repainting it with new colors, textures or additions (Sound familiar? VLV) I also understand the remorse against DJ's like Skrillex or Avicii. At their live performances they just push a few buttons on a laptop and not much else. But that isn't the appeal for their concerts. They still constructed fine pieces of music, and it is okay if they just push play because people are not there for the mad guitar solos or the soaring vocals, they are just there to dance and freak out. ASFOS is a song exactly like this. Coldplay just wanted a song that people at concerts or at parties could jam out to, and while I don't like the song very much, I won't blame them for making it. All I am trying to say here is that I understand why people are upset with Coldplay's electronics. I personally didn't find them to be used on Ghost Stories as well as they could have been. That said, it doesn't make them any less a band or any less a talented band. Those sounds they created take a lot of fine tuning and work. To put out any amount of music or art as an artist takes a lot of tuning and work.
  14. This song is pleasant. We should all be honest here, Chris Martin isn't quite a poet, but the way he delivers these lyrics are earnest and believable. I hope this album overall goes for a more alternative sounding route with less radio explosions, and "Magic," as the lead single is the most poppy of the bunch. Not as exciting as Midnight by any means, but Coldplay do know how to make one catchy and pretty tune. 7/10
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