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  1. ^I agree, I overall enjoy Ghost Stories but as far as Coldplay releases go, but it is harder to revel in it since the whole era has felt kind of quiet. For me it really peaked with the NBC concert, which was great, but afterwards the videos that followed (ASFOS and True Love) and some of the live performances were kind of weak IMO. Overall this era put out only twelve tracks, thirteen if we want to count Atlas, and no alternative or acoustic versions. (I don't count remixes) For those reasons GS was smaller, like it was intended, and that is why I have been able to move on so quickly in w
  2. Does anyone else also think that this video "live" version is way better than the studio version??? The strumming pattern in the video is way more folky and less clangy, and the synths and drumpad come in a lot softer and more moving. This music just feels more raw! Almost considering making a rip and replacing it in my mp3 album, but I am afraid it will screw up the whole transition into ASFOS.
  3. ^RIGHT?! Easily the prettiest thing they have ever done...
  4. This Is All Yours is streaming in certain locations around the globe and subsequently leaked!!!!!!!!!!! My initial review is very positive! The album is distinctly what we all know and love about Alt-J! Really gorgeous songs with folky guitar and vocals, really strange tracks that have a lot of unique and diverse samples and instrumentals, and really unique lyrics!! Not to mention a lot of them are catchy as hell! Anyone else heard it yet? What do you think? My favourite tracks right now are : Intro, Nara, Every Other Freckle, Warm Foothills and The Gospel of John Hurt.
  5. If you guys like beautiful electronic music along the lines of Radiohead, Portishead, R&B type stuff etc, My favorite albums of the year of been "The Moon Rang Like A Bell" by Hundred Waters, "LP1" by FKA Twigs, and "What Is This Heart," by How To Dress Well. Also someone already mentioned Rustie's new LP up above. Also really good and worth listening to!!
  6. I am looking forward to this album too!! I was a huge MCR fan back in the day, and in retrospect they were a great alternative rock band!! I really like No Shows too and the whole Britpop/shoegaze theme Gerard is going for! Hope the album pans out to be a solid pop release! I would love to hear more music like this on American Radio (which is his goal.)
  7. I wish the boys were more keen on releasing material like they were up until Viva. Coldplay in the 2000's had SO many B-sides and live performances of songs that didn't make the albums. We technically have only had three B-sides since MX (Moving To Mars, All Your Friends, Ghost Story.) which is pretty sad. It feels like the age of B-sides has been replaced with remixes. Either way, it is impossible to tell if some of these songs will ever be released, or if they have been and we just don't know it. Who is to say if The Race was just a working title for Always In My Head? My dream is tha
  8. ^Agreed. I have said it before, but Coldplay are just too nice. They are not prancing, stylish pop stars, nor are they guitar soloing "American Football worthy rock." They don't fit the ticket for me, I wouldn't want them to pay to play for a corporation that literally has grossed 25 Billion dollars annually..too commerical, man. So A BIG NO!
  9. I don't know why I never made this connection before, but O is also the title of an amazing album by Damien Rice. I knew the title of the song was familiar but for some reason I couldn't' remember until today when the song "Delicate" came on my shuffle! Moral of the story: if you want more O, check out this album. Absolutely beautiful.
  10. Other than the kind of cheesy Chris flying part which looked kind of awkward, I think this music video is far more fitting to the music and is really quite lovely all the same. The street march is fun, but would have been far more charming for another song, maybe one in which they were ACTUALLY PLAYING the instruments that they are toting around instead of fake strumming while heavy synths are the only thing really distinguishable.
  11. Well, since we presumably have a while to wait, we might as well speculate and imagine something!! How do you want the LP7 era to look visually? (Album cover, stage themes, outfits etc??) It seems we have already got it all: plain, soft indie nature of Parachutes, vivid Blacks and Whites of AROBTTH, the dark codified, yet vibrancy of X&Y, the classic grandiose splattered anew with modern art of Viva, MX's euphoric explosion of dystopic spray paint, and finally GS's etched in hazy blue symbolism and simple conceptual beauty. Of course, this isn't to mention the many singles that have ra
  12. Anybody think we will be getting something new during one of the upcoming shows?
  13. Tryna find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful!! Oh wait.... I am incapable, I am an incredibly shallow, misogynistic scumbag. Damn youze a sexy ******. Wow great music.
  14. Intriguing! I think this company has really taken off thanks to Coldplay during the MX Tour. These bands could be for some other tour, however. I think they are being more widely used with different artists. But the fact that the video showed a band playing with Magic might be hinting at something...
  15. Just finished Lolita by Vladmir Nabokov...amazing book if you are able to get through how disturbing it is.
  16. I hope this is true! When listening to each album it definitely feels this way!!
  17. I feel like LP7 will most certainly be electronic like GS. A lot of people on these forums have talked about Coldplay albums in pairs or in trilogies. If I was to look at their discography this way, it would make sense to me that Parachutes, AROBTTH, and X&Y are a trilogy, VLV is the creative stepping stone and oddball, and MX, GS and LP7 will form another trilogy. Follow me here: There is no doubting that every album has a distinct flavour, but for the most part, their first three were strong alternative rock/pop albums. Almost all the songs followed Chris' piano or acoustic guitar,
  18. ^ Could very well be, but I sure hope not. It would be a Pink Floyd rip off and a the most boring, sappy title for an album released since....ever.
  19. Anybody have any thoughts on the end of the True Love video? Someone in that thread (I am sorry I forgot who) commented on how the images at the beginning and end of the video don't quite fit in, and therefore might be teasing the next era. More specifically I am talking about the extremely "Dark Side Of The Moon" reminiscent triangle with the intersecting line and flash of colours. Possible hint? It looked like something out of the MX era if you ask me. I think the video itself is not very good at all by Coldplay standards, but that little cheesy "Anything Is Possible," bit at the end has
  20. I believe this sums it up for many of us Coldplayers. As hardcore fans I definitely sense a lot of us yearn for a more rockier, instrumental, and and acoustic record that hearkens back to the distinct and acclaimed (critically and commercially) eras of Viva and AROBTTH. If an album was going to do that, it would have been Ghost Stories, but Coldplay took a distinct route towards pop-electronic music, and therefore we must accept that we are never going to quite get those old sounds back, unless they release a ton of old B-sides some day (PLEASE!) We may get little kernels here and there, h
  21. As an American who is a guilty follower of the NFL ( a lifelong fan Coldplay and of the Denver Broncos, yes, the team that was obliterated last winter in the Super Bowl,) I don't want to see Coldplay do this. The NFL is about as corporate as you can get, and I don't usually support their ethics pertaining to player safety, drug use, sexual assault, sponsorship etc. Coldplay is certainly big enough and put out the hits, and they have the spectacle to boot, but they are just too nice. Superbowl performances recently have been brash, cocky, flashy and in in the last few years, incredibly po
  22. After 3 months: 1. Midnight (10/10) 2. Magic (9/10) 3. Ink (9/10) 4. Another's Arms (8/10) 5. O (Fly On) (8/10) 6. Oceans (8/10) 7. Always In My Head (7.5/10) 8. All Your Friends (7/10) 9: Ghost Story (7/10) 10: True Love (6/10) 11: ASFOS (5/10) 12: O Reprise (5/10)
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