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Yup. I wanna quit to. Let's just meet on a sunny beach somewhere and party like school never even existed. Fuck school.


Better yet think I'll just go back to kindergartner (children's garden). Where I can just play and be happy.

*pictures* a well weeded garden filled with sunshine, a bounty of many flowers & spring rain.

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I feel so bad, we got a new goverment and they will raise pension age and save money on everything and make entrance fee for uni to €1000 or even €1200 and I'm now on exchange and that costed like €1500.

omg I feel like I'm making my family poor :( [/color]


They're making us poor, it's not our fault dammit! Let's just hope this government won't stand on its feet for long


Meanwhile, do you understand why they are doing this? I literally have no idea. It's just pestering people -.-

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I just don't get why they don't hit the rich people, their taxes aren't going up and all

it's making more people poor


I understand why (see studying economics :p ) but these decisions plus the indexjump is just to much at once.


Can someone please make this goverment fall very soon

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Well it's basicly that too much people are on pension and not enough are working and paying taxes so pensions get paid = main reason for raising that age

Though as said in some articles, by 2030 when it's 67, all the people from the babyboomgeneration are most likely dead so it will be a bit less old people (so actually they should have decided this much earlier )


as for the index, it has to do something with everything getting more expensive and a difference of more as 2% with wages ( can't really remember the correct thing though )


but yeah it's basicly them throwing a lot of tennisballs at you at once


please do it, or tell some minister to tweet something very strange so they fall (like in 2008 )

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I see, thanks for the explanation haha


I think the majority of the NVA politicians is stupid enough to tweet something dumb without my uh, investment


I'd be surprised if this government survives for 5 years


you're welcome :nice:


yeah hope they are, first time their must be enough I hope


me too

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