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New albums always bring old fans back. But sometimes as an older fan I forget that people can still fall in love with the new Coldplay album. Then they have the joy of going back and discovering all the material. They're so lucky! I'm a little jealous, lol.

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Ya, except the people that have been fans of their more popular work for a while, but don't listen to more than the singles. They have it good, because they discover so many songs from a band they already like.

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I was a fan almost from the very beginning. But I didn't discover most of the B sides until I joined this forum. It was so much fun going through multimedia and discovering all this great music! I can only imagine how great it is for a fan who has only heard ghost stories and has the entire catalog at their fingertips to discover. :-)

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I don't know if I was old enough to actually be a fan from the very beginning. But my parents listen(ed) to Coldplay a whole lot, even before I was born. They got Parachutes as soon as it came out, then they ended up kinda stopping on the CD buying (my little sister came about, life was busy...) and then resumed all the sudden when Viva came out. Same with MX, and now that I have the internet I heard Ghost Stories the second it came out. (because let's face it I was 9 when MX came out and I didn't give a damn about the internet) So, all I really had to go through was AROBTTH and X&Y's non-singles. I agree with you on the new fans though. Going through everything like that- even songs that you already heard, made me feel really nostalgic.

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Mum really? Post pictures of all our pets on my fb?

Showing Laika on skype yesterday was already enough to make me leave history class today whilst crying :bigcry:

and now I'm crying again :bigcry: :bigcry:[/color]





I know it's hard being away from home, and even more miss your pets :heart:

A lot of hugs from far far away! :hug: :bliss: :loveshower: :cake:

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