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I hate my job !


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ohhhhh jobs.....hahaha who doesn't occasionally hate their job? I'm working right now, so my job isn't that bad. I work at my dad's office, I play the secretary role. So I really just sit at a comp, make copies, send letters, type letters, type bills, answer the phone, file, make coffee, etc. Its not that bad, but its the same thing every day. And when the phone starts ringing a lot, I get annoyed. :angry:

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I hate my job because I get all the bitch work put on me by the full timers, but it isn't that bad of a job. I work at the university library. And on weekends I work at the movie theatre, which is more fun but it pays hardly anything.

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Aaaaaaaw, Daryl, you know I understand you sooooo well...

Call centers are the devil sometimes! :angry:

But try to stay calm and relax, I started to feel like you and look what happened...



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