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Funny Story Thread :)


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Okay, I'll start...

Well me and my pals were going out for a fun night at the drive in. On the way there, we were talking about how it would be funny to 'sneak in' by hiding in the trunk...so me and my friend Jeff crawled in the trunk...and some lame ass people who were driving by and saw us told the people to look for a so and so car that had kids in the trunk. Needless to say, they opened the trunk, and there we were, just chillin. Well I thought, you know, we'd get kicked out, but no, we got 20 hours community service along with a misdeameanor, suck huh? Well the thrill was worth it. :lol:

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Last year i needed an 8 to pass on my math exam, and of course i would never be able to get that grade (since i'm stupid) but you know, miracles happen, so my teacher was so lazy that he let us correct our exams by putting the correct answers on the board and giving us our exams. HOW STUPID WAS HE?

really stupid, i tell you.

So hey, i needed an 8 and got a 2. haha but since i had the exam in my hands, i just had to erase pretty much everything i did and check the right answers. BINGO, i got a 9. ;)

I met my teacher the other day and told him what happened. Man, that was good. Cos he was like " :stunned: uhhh... i... already knew that" suuuuure he did.


so, what did we learn today, kids?

1- cheating is good as long as people never find out

2- teachers play the smartasses, but they're all dumb

3- Never trust your students, specially the stupid ones

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Haha I guess thats funny....the cheating one was funny...except that I cheated this year and got caught...that was NO fun...except the teacher was cool and said I seemed like such a sweet girl that I wouldn't get in trouble. hehe.

Last night....my friends were over and we were jumping on my trampoline, and I was in a skirt, dumb I know, so I was constantly holding my skirt down and Jake was making fun of me, and all of a sudden, his pants fell to his ankles...haha! its a good thing he had shorts on, that would have been really, really ackward. :o

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