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these are not all b-sides...


but these are the songs i dont have...i was hoping someone could help me get them :D



a ghost

lost highway

what's going on?

what the world needs now




those are the only ones i'm missing, so if anyone has em and like to send em to me..message me :D


updated aug 15th :D

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Is "What's Going On" a Coldplay cover or that God-awful 9/11 tribute celebrity all-star cover that had probably had poor old Marvin Gaye rolling over in his grave?


I had their "Lost Highway" cover at one point (I downloaded it off some p2p service after they played it the first time I saw them live) but it's long been burned to a CD which has been lost for some time (that CD also had "You Only Live Twice" and the 30 seconds of "What the World Needs Now" that were tacked on to the end of an early live version of "In My Place), so... I am of no help whatsoever. :P

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