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Shaun Of The Dead!


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man, yea this movie was out in the UK like months ago. Here in Canada, it's just coming out soon. haha I saw the preview along with other "Coming Attractions". But this movie looks so funny. Especially the part when they are choosing which records to fling at the zombies to try and cut their heads off. hahahah!

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Awwww Fi it's better than we'd imagined!!!! :stunned: :stunned:


DVD extras:


"This DVD is groaning with a host of excellent extras including audio commentaries from both cast and crew, deleted scenes, outtakes and Plotholes, revealing what happened off camera to the characters during the film. Also included are completed scenes from TV bits in the film including Trisha – ‘I Married A Monster’, It’s a Knockout Zombies and the full T4 Coldplay interview."




I can't wait :D :D

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