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The jo_luv_coldplay appreciation thread


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You'r an awesome chicka! Dont ever stop being awesome!!


:lol: :lol: Haha, thx for the thread julie :kiss: ur awesome :kiss:




Indeed :wink3: :blush:


Lil Jo!!! I love her Yep yep she's too cool for school


:lol: :lol: Thx lil jess!! Ur the best :kiss:

believe it or not..

that's where i came up with the name of "joe's sex thread"

except i just added an e at the end for reasons unknown to all


:blush: :lol: heh, u should have made it ur own thread instead! I didnt make enuff contributions to the thread compared to you guys :( :lol:


And i remember jo used to post a LOT in that glorious thread!

good times


Haha yeah thom, but now rens gone.. he used to post a LOT too :cry: and i do remeber ur lil thom and ur left hand, they are the best :lol: :P

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Guest LiquidSky

Jo! Yeah, she is awesome! I agree ;)


Remember the 3some? :wink3: :sneaky: :wink3:


but yeah Ren is gone now..so I guess it's just you and me now.. :sneaky:



lol :lol: :lol: :lol: :D



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