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Amy Winehouse has a go at Coldplay!


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By Fiona Cummins Showbiz Reporter



ONE'S sold nearly 150 million records, the other's a gawky girl just out of her teens with one minor hit of an album.


So no contest over whether Madonna or brash newcomer Amy Winehouse is the bigger music phenomenon.


Only no one seems to have told Amy, who seems convinced Madonna, 46, is not so much Material Girl as immaterial has-been.


The 20-year-old, fast becoming pop's biggest loudmouth, sneered: "She's an old lady. She can't shock any more. She should get a nice band, just stand in front of them and f*****g sing."


The North Londoner has shifted a mere 200,000 copies of debut jazz CD Frank.


But it hasn't stopped her dismissing some of music's biggest names with four-letter putdowns.


Chris Martin, whose band Coldplay has sold five million albums? She spits: "I bet if he heard his stuff he'd be like, 'Who is that w****r'?'"


Dido, with 18 million albums? "Kids listening to her and thinking, 'I want to be like Didomakes me want to vomit."


Britney Spears' 40million albums don't get her off the hook either. Amy's verdict? "I wish her luck with her marriage as I hope it stops her going into the studio."


She says of Rachel Stevens, four No1s with S Club and a No2 on her own: "I watch her singing and think, 'F*****g hell, but at least she didn't write that piece of s**t.'"


Jazz rival Katie Melua, whose album Call Off The Search has sold a million, gets even shorter shrift: "She's s**t."


Perhaps Amy's most honest remark comes when she admits: "I'm slightly bitter because I haven't sold as many albums as them." Like her album, at least she's frank.




" "Kids listening to her and thinking 'I want


to be like Dido' makes me want to vomit




I wish her luck with her marriage because I hope it stops her going back to the studio"




I watch her singing and think, 'F***ing hell but at least she didn't write that piece of s**t'




I bet if he heard his stuff - and it was by him - he would be like, 'Who is that w****r?''"




Moaner Amy's jazz rival doesn't escape her scorn either. She says simply:


She''s s**t




WHAT a silly cow :dozey:

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i saw her on never mind the buzzcocks and my god, she is the most annoying person on the planet. :dozey: she's sad and pathetic and really doesn't deserve the time of day from us! plus her music is crap. :rolleyes: :P

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If all your gonna do is whine and bitch about respected artists who are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than you :smug: , :angry: I advise you keep your ass outta Canada or risk having 30 million feet shoved in it!

And please! Dear god, if you think using using those swears in an interview makes you a badass, kill me now!!! Try to make a nice rep for yourself okay! Who the hell has ever heard of a "badass" jazz musican?!90000][/color

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