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I'm in love...

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...with my best (male) friend! :confused:

He's the cutest one I've found so far and I also thank God every day that he's my friend (also that I've got his other best friend). But whoa, last Saturday...both of us went on holidays...we had planned to go together, but we couldn't...he was there when I got on the bus to say goodbye...and we both were so deprived when the bus drove away...although we were seperated for only week, it felt like a month or what. I couldn't sleep all night and yeah, I was sure, I'm in love with this guy. The next day he wrote a message that he also was sad and couldn't sleep and later other soo nice things. But he surely sees me still as a friend. Okay maybe he's changed his mind...but how do I know? He once said he's glad we're not a couple, cuz if we were, our friendship would be over when we got apart. Well, I must tell him what's up. And see what happens. What? *sigh* godgodgod :heart:

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that's quite a dilemma. i s'pose you should drop little hints at first to test the waters, but if he doesnt get it, just tell him straight out. but make sure you're ready before saying anything, cos it may be a bit awkward even if you DO end up going out. this happened with a couple of my mates.


good luck :cool:

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thanx a lot...oh my GOOOD...I've just phoned with him...and I dropped put the little hints...and he's gonna go crazy if I tell him I'm sure... :/ SHIIIT

Lauren, Johannes isn't tricky. Really. :)



Good. because my guy friend is. everyone knows he likes me. he acts like it. he said it once. but now denys it. :dozey:

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