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k is this the chord Thom is playing?

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so i'm playing Fake Plastic Trees and one of the chords is:


Dmaj9/F# 2 X 0 2 2 0


but every time i see Thom playing this chord it doesnt look like it's right, and plus he uses his middle finger to play the F# on the low E string, but that just seems wrong to me. so what im asking is what are the finger positions for that chord?

(sorry for the small pic)


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Actually, the way I play it, it's a 2x0230, and it sounds fine to me.


(First post, by the way)

Mmm not quite...

Dmaj9/F# is correct, but I dont think Thom lets the D string ring... sounds muted... because in actuality the chord is supposed to sound like an F#m, and if you let the D string ring throughout that chord, it will sound too much like a D, and won't create the same feel

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