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Does this piss anyone else off?


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get a knife and lift the booklet up a bit and then just pull it out :idea2:


I'm not taking no knife to my cd collection :stunned:


:lol: :lol: I'm not telling you to stab them or anything. Use a pen or fork or something which you can push underneat and lift it up :idea2:

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indeed but the thing that pisses me off more is myself when i always have wrong cd's in wrong covers - i'm just too lazy to keep em in control :dozey: :P



that´s why I have them in a cd cases...but without pamphlets!...so easy!.... :cool:

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ugh i know and i have no nails


even with a cd opener.... it never fully comes off the cd.. then I'm left with that icky sticky residue from the sticker on my jewel case... :angry:


use the sticker itself to take the icky sticky residue off. it totally works! :idea2:

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