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he does a good job at pulling the ladies....


its cos he's italian...


and a homosexual

Raise ur hand if u think dave is getting jealous *raises both hands :cool:



ren! you bitch!




how's stuff? congrats!


i hope you haven't forgot me

Forgot my sexy bitch? neva! :kiss: and thanks! I'll reward u later Lotta :whip: :mellow: :lol:

Thanks a bunch denise, bea, eva and fif :kiss:

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aaaaaaaaaa q reno!....tan posteador!... ...shido!...

Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! como estais? bene, aun no supero tu numero de posts,quiza en un par de meses :P :kiss: como estas linda? :cool:

woo woo!

:sneaky: How are u sweet? I hope u r not having fun without me :wink3: :lol:

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