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I finally saw that movie yesterday...many greetz to Gab!! :cool:



earth to mathilda uhm theresa: it took you this long!!!???? :rolleyes: :dozey:








theresa to gab/derek sitting on his fashion cloud: yeah after some time I started to d/l it...and it took time...days...weeks...and when it was almost finished, just one night to go...I've put on the TV, thought "kewl, a Ben Stiller movie"...looked at the screen text what film it was...and INGENIOUS - ZOOLANDER!!!!! :cool:

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Cool! Eric told me abot this movie, but I couldn´t see it yet :/

I´ve gotta go rent it! :cool:

zoolander...so hot right now.

great flick. only ben stiller/owen wilson effort that had me in stitches.


I love Owen Wilson, and Ben Stiller too :D

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zoolander was sooooooo boring :dozey:


thank you


i've been waiting for so long, 3999 posts to be exact for someone to tell me that i'm boring. you did and i appreciate it. you've pulled the trigger and that's a sign. i've done my job here and it's time to find a new path. take care





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