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solo gig


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So i managed to get a solo gig this friday, ata small place in the town, just me, the guitar and the mic. i've decided upon my act. as follows:-


1) Bad Day-R.E.M

2) Love Will Come Through-Travis

3) Now she knows the truth-**my own song**

4) Do We All Die Alone-**my own song**

5) Losing My Religion-R.E.M

6) Warning Sign-Coldplay

7) Cabron-RHCP

I Sit In the Rain thinking of you-**my own song**

9) Forget me-**my bands song, acoustic solo version**

10) Don't you know who we are-**my own song**

11) Maybe, Aimee-**my own song**

12) Wake me up when september ends-green day

13) Gravity-Embrace

14) Wish 'em all away-Embrace

15) Emily-**my own song**

16) Time of your life-green day

17) Adams song-blink


This set will be divided into two 25-30 minute slots in 3 hours.


also, band web site ti be back up after a belated time, be up in few weeks.

the site will have a bio section aswell as gig pics, gigography, and a special listening section where you will be able to listen to extracts from

'Sleeping With Danger's Daughter' the new album.

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Here's a song i just wrote this afternoon, which will be joining my solo pieces. I dedicate this song to my good friend.


"did this day ever repeat itself over in your mind,

Cuz all i do is think about us,

I'm sitting alone in the corner,

lights out and i'm crying to myself,

sometimes everything is wrong,

hold on,

i'll be here for you

when you're on your own"


© Hold my body back,

no you're not alone,

if you think you are,

then you're wrong,

When you feel like escaping,

remember my number,

everybody cries.


V2: So you said to me that it should end,

am i lying to myself to think it's any better this way

i'll hold on,

cuz you'll be there for me,

just like you always were,

hunny we were made for each other...





So this is the final goodbye,

I love you and you,

feel the same

this night will always be ours in our hearts

i love you,

everybody cries

if you feel like letting go,

well i'll be there to catch your fall.

you think i can lie to you

then you don't know me at all.












Pick through first verse, but strum through the rest of the song.

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i think this is the best song i ever wrote, when you hear the music, as i inserted the tabs, ch-ch-check it out :P ,

why the shocked face cam?


because I would've loved to check out you gig... :cry: send me mp3s!!!



dang, America sucks.. I mean not really... but being so far sucks :cry:

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oh great! thanks, unfortunately the link wont connect!

well i'll give 'em a ring, get onto my manager, i've planned other places, but don't know where in those places yet. heres the places im hoping fo for the tour...













amongst others

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