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hehe, I wrote this when I was bored, lol.


Once upon a time there was a little boy named Josh. Josh thought to himself one day, “May if I pwn enough noobs, my rank on the server will go from 3, to 1.” Laughing like a little girl, he took a lighter and burned down the Microsoft builing in Seattle and flew to Hoover Dam and jumped off the side and died. Meanwhile, a duck swam by as the fighters in the sky blew up satellites in space. Alien then touched down so they could fin little duckies and taken them as slaves. The duckies revolted and killed all of them. So then Michael Jackson died and pwned enough noobs in order for his rank on the server to go from 3 to 1. Afterwards, Gerik Bensing got expelled from school due to making toast. Then all the toads went hopping around mating in mid air as Chris Martin took his guitar and smashed his head through it. So then one day, a little itsy bitsy spider came along and got killed by a US Trooper. This caused the world to go down in flame. And all of a sudden, a bunch of crows started to fly in the sky while the radio was blowing up. So the crows flew into a Wendy's to get lunch when it was raining, so the Chinese invented a rocket to go to the moon. Once on the moon, the Chinese set up a government there and took over Jupiter. Because of this, little elves went dancing around cutting ropes that crows climbed on and Napoleon Dynamite yelled, "OMIGOSH!! YOU EEEDIOTS!!!" So the then the World blew up and the crows flew off to Sirius A.


The end.

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i have to say that was the best short story i ever read yet....cause it is full of nothin :lol: :lol: :lol:

but i got to say u have a creative mind heheh...really nice story...cant w8 to read the second episode of ur story :D

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After a night of passionate love making with his wife of 5 years, Roberto, an artist, emerges from their bedroom to the living room, to sit down on the suede Sheraton chair, to light up a cigarette.


While he is gently tapping on the piano keys from the grand piano on his right, his wife enters the room wearing just the bedsheets. He is stunned, and shuffles towards his canvas.


He picks up a brush, and sighs; "The beauty... you must let me paint you, and preserve you. I never have attempted this before, but now, you must.."


She obliges and leans against the windowsil, with the bright morning sun stroking her face as Roberto concentrates.


Many hours later, her optimism is fading as crumpled up papers surround Roberto's feet, he finally stops and throws down the paintbrush.


"I cant do it! Such beauty I cannot capture with these hands, I dont think any man could..." He turns to face the unlit fireplace, as she exits the room, "Wait" He says, turning to her; "I will get it right, some Sunday, every Sunday I will try..."


The years begin to roll on, every Sunday is dedicated to the painting, hours of work that only results in wasted paper and paint. His passion never falters, but her patience is always wearing thin.


As the years continue, she is ageing, Roberto still continues his pursuit every Sunday, eventually his frustration is taken out on her.


"Such beauty I fail to capture, it appears the only time I will be able to paint you, is when your looks have faded. That time is soon."


She cries into her hands; "This must be all that is important to you."


Roberto stops, and suddenly appears inspired, "Wait, I have it..."


Spending no more then a minute painting, he turns the canvas around to show that he has simply created a portrait of her eyes in the center of the paper, leaving the rest completely blank.


"I have realised what's important to me," She looks confused, he goes on; "The eyes of a beautiful soul that I can see anytime I want for the rest of my days"


He throws his brush away.

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A day after the storm


What to do after the storm hit us with violence?.And I am not talking about fist or kicks.I am talking about one of the worst pain in the world.Your heart crumbles into pieces,your heart is broken.You feel bad and you did not do nothing.No I am not talking about love,I am talking about friendship.When a friend dissapoint you.


Sounds weird?


Well,that's what happen when you have your eyes closed.After the reality hit you,nothing seems to be same.Everything change.The persons change,the enviroment change,the world change.


People normally reaction bad and do not what to talk about the problem,they think that with the time the problem would solve.They are wrong.Just because people said "get over it" you do not have to listenThat do not fix the problem.It just make it worse.

But then if you talk the problem,it do not fix it either.People feel uncomfortable talking about the problem.Not not just that people get angry and stat to say things that normally do not want to say.


What to do,when that happen?


Avoid the subject?

Start a fight?

Leave the things the way they are?

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^^Did you guys both right those yourselves? Coz they are brilliant.


The dog spun, twirled, all the time getting closer to the shiny red ball which flew through the air above it. Finally, the dog reached the ball and clamped its teeth carelessley over the smooth surface of the ball.


Susie sat on the step watching as the dog fell back down towards the ground.

"Jess!" called Susie, seeking the company of the dog by her side. The dog, reacting to its name, spun quickly, dropped the ball and sprinted off through the bush, off towards the call of its owner.


"Yuck, haha, settle... settle down.. haha, Jess" giggled Susie as the dog licked a nice line of saliva right up the side of her face and through her hair."Jess, haha.....Jess, no, Jess sit! sit!" commanded the girl and reluctantly the dog bent down its hind legs, staring straight into the eyes of its owner.


"Good Dog Jess, Good Dog"


:lol: that story I just made up on the spot, it has no meaning, just popped into my head.

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