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Oh crap.

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how much are they raising the rent? legally in ontario they are only allowed to raise it about 1.5% per year... i'm not sure if the same holds in quebec. if its more than 1.5% than what you are paying you can argue it.


yeah, the school newspaper wrote an article about it. I think they're raising it like 3% or something. I think that's what my mom said. I think I am gonna argue it.

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yah i remember last year reading an article in our student newspaper about how every year the exact percentage changes a bit but they can only raise it between 1.5 and 3% or something like that.


good luck!


i was worried i was going to have to move because both my roomates are doing a co-op for the year but i found two people to move in, so i'm very relieved. :dozey:

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it can! i can show you my rent increase notice, it's only 1.5% unless that is only a law for the city of hamilton. and i remember reading an article saying there is a legal amount they can raise it for tenants, but many break the rules.

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Hmm I see' date=' is this only student housing?[/quote']





look at this:


Rent for a current tenant


When the rent can increase


In most cases, the rent can be increased if at least 12 months have passed since a tenant first moved in or since his or her last increase.


A landlord must give at least 90 days notice in writing of any rent increase. There is a proper form for this notice available from the Tribunal.


A landlord can propose a rent increase that is not above the "rent increase guideline," or one that is "above the guideline."



The rent increase guideline


The guideline is set each year by the Ontario Government, and announced by August 31. The figure announced applies to rent increases that start on or after January 1 of the following year.


The year 2004 guideline is 2.9 %. The year 2005 guideline is 1.5 %.


A guideline increase does not need approval of the Tribunal.


In most cases, an increase above the guideline needs approval of the Tribunal before it can be charged.

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