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2005 Concerts


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Bloc Party 4/2

Arcade Fire 4/27... I think.


So far anyway I have tickets to those, I am sure I'll get coldplay tickets when they are announced for Toronto. I want to go see the Doves, but haven't bought tickets yet. Oh and Spoon too, when those go on sale. And I think Feist is coming to toronto on Canada Day, so that too.

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Goldie Lookin' Chain 21st Feb 2005 :P [don't hate me ;) ]


Athlete 23 April 2005 :D


Coldplay 28th June 2005 :cool: [interpol & Morning Runner supporting!!]


Stereophonics - sometime in September...can't remember :smug:


Aaaaaaaaaaaaah yeeeeeeeeeeah :cool:

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Green Day/Jimmy Eat World/Simple Plan/Taking Back Sunday - 18th June @ Milton Keynes Bowl


can't wait :D


jealous. all four of those rock. simple plan.. :D I don't even like green day much, i'm going for my chemcial romance..i met them a couple of weeks ago whenever they were here :D

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