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Coldplaying Bling Betting


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HAHAHAHA Confused looking smiley ahhaha.


Sorry. :dozey:


I used to have loads of ideas for stuff to bet on, they've all vanished. Ah well.


Damnit Jak it looks like your gonna keep one half of your bet, I guess I lose that one. So we just dont donate any bling to eachother.



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Well, your bling just went up 100.


And no you dont get a notification (At least I didnt) unless you write something in the donate box, which you ARENT supposed to do (Yet Albie just ignored the rules and did this like an idiot). It screws up the whole system.


Oh yeah why the hell do I have so much bling. I had 500 like yesterday morning, Albie donated 1000 to me, wheres the other 1300ish coming from? :stunned:

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