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have you ever thought to yourself.....


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...How am i going to die? well, this is a question that i frequently ask myself, and ya know what, chances are that the answer is staring you in the face, i now know the answer to that, LOVE, it has made me, and now it will break me, i just, i feel like i've in theory killed myself, which i have, because i lied to someone, and i lied for my own sake, i just wanted to see them again , and now they won't even listen to me, i said to her to hear me out if she ever cared about me, and she never replied, i now know that she never cared at all, i travelled for 10 hours, and 400 miles, just to see her face, and i'm ruined it, she was the first girl that i genuinly thought i couldn't live without, and i meant it, maybe i was meant to be alone?, you'd sure as hell think it, i mean i'm sure none of you will even read this post, so i don't know why i bother rambling on, but just to let you all know, that if you ever fa in love with somebody as much as i did, hold onto it, or it might just kill you too. it was nice knowing most of you on here, some of you i became quite fond of, and some of you i did not, some of you i have loved through thick, and through thin, and some of you will always live on in my memory, and if anybody ever thinks about me, i want you to think of the good times, and not the bad, because that's the way i wanted it to be. i have to go now, i don't know where, but i'm going whereer the road will take me, i had a coach ticket for home on saturday, now it lies , in pieces in a bin, maybe i'll walk it, 400 miles? maybe i'll just stay here to rott i don't know, but i do know, the answer to this question now, and sure some of you will think i'm just saying this, i know you will you're bound to, but i nearly threw myself in front of a car last night, and for the first time, i regret not doing it, but i was lied to in order to not do it, maybe i made the wrong choice :cry: maybe, just maybe i was mean to be alone. if we al have a pre destined path then maybe we can change it, maybe if we just hold on to what we already have we will never have to change it. sorry, i'm just rambling now, well, i'm off now, but you stay classy people, and remember, it's only poeple like me that bring you right down.

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Oh Lordy! I'm sorry but will you two just make up and stop mopng around this board! You're only 16/17 so I doubt whatever he has done could be that bad and anyway it's not exactly like your married or are in a serious relationship, you've only been together for a few months from what I can gather, I actually thought it was this Emily girl he was going out with! :dizzy2:


I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but just sort it and if you can't, at least argue somewhere more private (ie. not a public messageboard) I wouldn't want some stranger in Texas knowing my dirty laundry!


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