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Coldplay Q magazine feature


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On page two Chris makes some crack about getting paid by Oxfam... I just wanted to clarify for the purposes of my own paranoia that this was a joke and the Make Trade Fair campaign is something the band does because they believe in it... I am sure it is but someone please reassure me this is just Chris' sense of humor

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I kinda thought he woz being serious, not sure though. I'm sure coldplay would make oxfam more money than wot he says they got paid anyway.


I think the fans have made coldplay out to be this amazingly cool band, that is so giving and caring, all from speculating. Without any fault of the actual band.


I'm sure most of us in their situation wouldn't say no to that kind of money.

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Got the mag yesterday and nearly dropped dead at the sight of Chris. He looks soooooooo gorgeous. (I should be bored of proclaiming that by now. :lol: )


Regarding his Oxford comment I'm 100% sure he was joking. I mean that's the whole point. He's doing the campaign despite not making any money out of it and other companies offering him lots of cash for his face and music. I can imagine it was Pepsi that offered him the 12 million, actually.

That's simply Chris' offbeat sense of humour which I love dearly. :D


A. ( you want irony and sarcasm? I'm your girl. :dozey: )

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Thanks Shane... but they're a bit too small for me to read...


How big are the ones you put up on rapidshare anyway?

on rapid share they were the orriginal size, but when i emailed them i think they were shrunk down. i will sort it for you :)

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