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joy division anyone?

staring elf

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Hail Jo as well, I have the greatest hits Album with me today. I got this Album after seeing a film that change my life in someways 24 Hour party people.


I know these guys were around from before, but they were the one best discovery 2003 for me.

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*Hails everyone that enjoy Joy Division* They were pretty good indeed... My fave song is Dead Souls (covered by Nine Inch Nails, on The Crow Soundtrack).


The Cure is awesome too... I like those post-punk bands... The Cure has some really depressing songs... Beautiful !

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hahah nah, it's ok, jo. i'm not a hardcore joy division fan, i was just trying to sound cool. lol

I just downloaded their songs cos one of my friends told me that they kinda sounded like radiohead. lol


No wonder :lol: :lol:


well this IS the coldplaying mb, what else can you expect?


exactly :lol: :P

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I had my 14, 15 years old and I thought Robert Smith, Ian Mccullogh, Morrissey, Andrew Eldritch (lead singer of The Sisters of Mercy) and David Bowie were the sexiest men alive... LOL


But I still think David Bowie is sexy. He got better over the years.

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